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TACO Antenna - VHF and UHF Communications Antennas for Military and Commercial Communications

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TACO Antenna is a leading manufacturer of VHF and UHF communications antennas for both military and commercial markets. We are a Canadian manufacturer located in southern Ontario with a sales office in Pennsylvania, USA.

TACO began in the communications industry 75 years ago and has been involved in military communications since World War II. We are actively involved in ground-air-ground communications and tactical communications.

TACO manufactures high quality communication antennas that are built for rugged use and reliable performance. TACO's wide range of antenna products have been engineered and designed to meet the demanding requirements of the military, defense contractors and air traffic control systems world-wide.

Omni-directional arrays

The process employed in the TACO antennas incorporates the patented MULDIPOL concept. The utilization of this technique results in a unit that has excellent broadband half-wave dipole characteristics over the entire operating frequencies.

The TACO MULDIPOL omni-directional compact antennas are available in single or multiple element configurations. Our broadband antennas are built to military standards to withstand the harsh elements.

TACO has also engineered sectional and folding MULDIPOL Antennas for ease of installation and transportation. Most MULDIPOL models are available in either form.

FAA-approved air traffic control antennas

Our MULDIPOL antennas are also commonly seen in most commercial airports across the United States. These rugged models are available in various arrays or single element varieties.

The MULDIPOL multiple dipole collinear array concept has been specifically developed by TACO for ground-air-ground, air traffic control and associated vehicular and base communications applications.

The result is a small, rugged, easy to install and lightweight package that utilizes minimal space and lends itself to tactical, transportable use in the most hostile environments.

This omni-directional concept employs a unique method of shielding the feed cables to improve radiation pattern characteristics. The MULDIPOL also has a high degree of isolation between discrete elements within a closely spaced array.

Helical antennas

Our circular polarized, high-gain, helical antennas are heavily used in satellite communications. Our helical antennas are available for VHF and UHF frequencies.

The mast is of aluminum construction and the ground plane is hot dipped steel, with the helix supported by dielectric rods along the mast. The ground plane of the 108MHz to 315MHz models is backed with reinforcing ribs, into which tubular axial rods are placed to increase the diameter of the ground plane.

Yagi antennas for point-to-point applications

TACO offers a complete range of five and ten element, ruggedized YAGI antennas for point-to-point applications. TACO also offers high frequency antennas for 802.11 wireless applications for both 2.4GHz and 5.8GHz frequency bands.

Y 53 series - twin and triple-driven, broad-bandwidth models covering 50MHz to 500MHz including multiple VHF TV channels and communications bands.

Coax stub and muldipol ship board antennas

TACO produces coax stub antennas and MULDIPOL antennas for ship-board applications.

The Coax Stub antennas are vertically polarized and designed for VHF and UHF communications band. Both models are designed to withstand severe weather conditions. Our D7061-L MULDIPOL Antenna was specifically designed as a high gain VHF and UHF omni-directional antenna for shipboard applications.

TACO Antenna maintains a leadership position in the development and manufacturing of antenna systems by having the engineering capability and overall responsiveness to meet the unique requirements of our customers in an ever-changing world.

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