The MPRO® 60HDX™ is an expeditionary water purification system that enables small units and platoons to produce up to 60 GPH without the need for chemicals or fuel. In just three simple steps, the system is producing potable water that meets Military Field Water Standards (MFWS) for short-term consumption.

The MPRO® 60HDX™ redefines expeditionary water purification. No other system offers a variety of power options to create a truly self-contained unit that is completely independent of fuel.

Our extended capability modules and power options make it the most versatile water purification system in its class. In just three simple steps, you’ll be producing potable water that meets Military Field Water Standards for short-term consumption. Simple, versatile and hardened for any field environment.   

Key specifications and features: 

  • 60 GPH max. flow rate on freshwater sources, and 30 GPH max. flow rate on saltwater sources  
  • The system can be positioned up to 50 feet from the source 
  • The system can be operated from a variety of power options which include: 12VDC, 24-28VDC, 120VAC, generator or optional Power Module with lithium batteries. 
  • Lightweight and modular allows 2-person portability and provides adaptive layout for changing expeditionary environments. 
  • Open-frame design allow for easy maintenance and quick element replacement  

Nine optional extended capability modules: 

  1. Chlorine Injector Module – provides disinfection of stored water 
  2. Product Water Storage Module – options for 15 gallon and 100-gallon bladders 
  3. Distribution Module – external pumping system to distribute product water 
  4. NBC Water Treatment Module – decontaminates product water containing NBC agents 
  5. AC-DC Converter Module – converts 120VAC to 24DC 
  6. DC-AC Inverter Module – converts 12VDC to 120VAC 
  7. Solar Power Module – 360-Watt foldable solar panel kit 
  8. SH-1171 Water Analysis Test Module – portable water quality test kit  
  9. Product Water Flow Meter Module – monitors product water flow rates