The TECWAR® LWPS 3.0 can produce up to 900+ GPH simply by adding five more alike modules to the current LWPS EPM configuration.

The LWPS 3.0 can produce 900+ GPH simply by adding 5 more alike modules to the current LWPS EPM configuration. The LWPS with EPM is the system currently used by the USMC and navy.

Because of the LWPS unique scalability and flow configurations, production can be scaled up or down based on field water requirements.  The base LWPS is able to produce up to 300 GPH and has been reconfigured to produce up to 600 GPH with EPM.  The LWPS 3.0 is the final, and third generation LWPS which has been scaled up to produce 900 + GPH.  

All modules are currently provisioned and are taught at the MCES. 

LWPS 3.0 can be operated by diesel motors (current system) or be powered with the electrical E-LWPS version. 

Key specifications and features: 

  • 900+ GPH flow rate on freshwater sources. 750+ GPH flow rate on saltwater sources  
  • Footprint can be expanded up to 330 feet from source to system with a maximum 25 feet of head 
  • Lightweight and modular allows 2-person portability and provides adaptive layout for changing expeditionary environments. 
  • Open-frame design and quick-release connections allow for easy maintenance and fast element replacement   

 Optional Extended Capability Modules:

  1. Ocean Intake Structure System – used on shorelines where there is a rise and fall of the tides
  2. Cold Weather Kit – allows the LWPS to operate below 32 degrees Fahrenheit 
  3. Nuclear, Biological and Chemical (NBC) Water Treatment – decontaminates product water which contains NBC agents 
  4. NBC Survivability Chemical Avoidance Cover (CAC) – protects the LWPS modules during a nuclear, biological or chemical attack