The TECWAR® LWPS is the foundation of our lightweight water purification systems.  This All Source CapableTM , scalable system produces from 300 maximum GPH to 900+ maximum GPH of potable water from a wide range of sources such as streams, lakes, rivers, and oceans.

Redefining scalability in the lightweight class, the TECWAR® LWPS can expand from 300 maximum GPH to 900+ GPH with the addition of alike components.

Scalability with alike components reduces the operator training requirements, eliminates the need for additional water asset requirements, and allows the operators to change the product water output based on specific needs.With the most unique power source versatility, the LWPS can be operated with multi-fuel engines or electrical motors.  No other water purification system offers true scalability, power source flexibility, and reliability like the TECWAR® LWPS.

Key specifications and features: 

  • 300, 600 or 900+ GPH maximum flow rate on fresh water sources. 150, 250 or 750 GPH maximum flow rate on saltwater sources
  • Footprint can be expanded up to 330 feet from source to system with a maximum 25 feet of head 
  • Lightweight and modular allows 2-person portability and provides adaptive layout for changing expeditionary environments. 
  • Open-frame design and quick-release connections allow for ease of maintenance and element replacement. 

The solution also featuers six optional extended capability modules:

  1. Ocean Intake Structure System – used on shorelines where there is a rise and fall of the tides.
  2. Cold Weather Kit – allows the LWPS to operate below 32 degrees Fahrenheit.
  3. Nuclear, Biological and Chemical (NBC) Water Treatment – decontaminates product water which contains NBC agents
  4. NBC Survivability Chemical Avoidance Cover (CAC) – protects the LWPS modules during a nuclear, biological or chemical attack
  5. Enhanced Production Module (EPM) – scales the LWPS up to a maximum 600 GPH system
  6. LWPS 3.0 – scales the LWPS EPM up to a 900+ GPH system