Donaldson engineers use their multidisciplinary knowledge and years of experience to create the best product for customer’s specific application.

The firm also develops specific filtration media for user’s applications. Unique to the industry, Donaldson’s prototype filter media manufacturing facility allows Donaldson to develop and test on-site. The firm is able to simulate actual application environments, analyse filtration needs, and validate filter performance before it is installed on the customer’s critical equipment.

In-House Test Facilities
Donaldson ensures its filtration solutions are right on target. Its testing labs fully support the broad range of testing requirements the firm require to analyse filtration needs and verify product performance. Here are high-lights of its testing capabilities:

  • Environmental test laboratory: tests shock vibration, tensile compression strength, temperature, humidity and salt spray to MILSTD-810 requirements
  • Structural Analysis per SAE, ISO, and NFPA standards: burst, collapse, pressure impulse and fatigue
  • Flow bench test laboratory: a climate controlled custom airflow bench laboratory specifically built for military and defence products that includes seven flow test stations, ensuring maximum data accuracy under a variety of conditions and military specifications
  • Fluid filter laboratory: this special lab is used to test for structural integrity, multi-pass efficiency and capacity
  • High flow test bench laboratory: a large, single-source test area that is used for full-scale qualification testing of high-flow products (up to 20,000cfm)
  • Rapid prototyping using service level agreement (SLA), selective laser sintering (SLS), investment casting, and room temperature vulcanisation) RTV moulding.