Donaldson Pulse Jet Air Cleaner (PJAC) is a self-cleaning air filter that cleans filter elements with short duration pulses of compressed air.

Using Donaldson’s UltraWeb® Nanofiber Filtration Technology, the PJAC Ultra air cleaner provides the highest level of efficiency; 99.997% and has a filter life of greater than 200 hours when tested per MIL-PRF-62048.

Lab and field tests have demonstrated that filter servicing is reduced to less than one-tenth compared to conventional air cleaners.

PJAC™ Ultra® Advantages:

  • Longer filter life (10 times the life of conventional filters)
  • Reduced vehicle life-cycle maintenance costs
  • Small overall size allows for under hood applications
  • Low average restriction delivers improved vehicle power and fuel economy
  • High-efficiency filtration provides superior engine protection

PJAC™ Ultra® Features:

  • 2-stage filtration process uses Donaldson Ultra-Web® Nanofiber Technology (99.997% efficient)
  • Ultra-Web media captures even the smallest dust and dirt particles
  • Ultra-Web media’s surface loading of contaminants provides superior cleaning capability
  • Ideal for vehicles in high-dust conditions – with airflow requirements of 400 CFM (11.33 m3/min)
    to 1400 CFM (39.66 m3/min).
  • Available in scalable sizes from 11in to 16in diameter
  • Scavenge or scavenge-free options are available
  • Easy servicing / filter changeout – no tools required
  • Corrosion-resistant air cleaner housings in aluminum or steel