Cart lead

The Donaldson Clean Fuel Cart provides a convenient way to deliver clean, dry diesel fuel in harsh field conditions or shop / manufacturing environments.

The product is the culmination of the best diesel filtration Donaldson has to offer alongside the superb fluid dispensing equipment made by Piusi S.p.a in Italy. Everything you need to start pumping Clean Fuel is included in the kit.

Donaldson has designed the Clean Fuel Carts to supply diesel that is at least 16 times cleaner than the minimum requirements of the Worldwide Fuel Charter of ISO 18/16/13, per ISO 4406. This level of filtration performance is needed to protect the High Pressure Common Rail (HPCR) fuel injection systems of today’s diesel engines.

Each Clean Fuel Cart comes equipped with two Donaldson Clean Solutions filters. The first filter is a high-efficiency diesel filter designed to clean the fuel down to ISO 14/13/11 or better in a single pass. The second filter is a water-absorbing filter, designed to dry the fuel down to saturation point and absorb any free or emulsified water. You can be sure that fuel leaving the Clean Fuel Cart will be both clean and dry.

More features:

  • Compatible with #1 and #2 diesel fuel blends up to B20
  • Portable design allows the same cart to be used in many different applications
  • Differential pressure indicators show when to replace filters
  • Removable drip tray for easy clean up after filter changes
  • Automatic shut-off dispensing nozzle helps prevent overfilling and spillage
  • Suction filter with anti-drainback valve keeps large dirt particles out of the pump and keeps the system primed between uses for quick startup