S&K Aerospace (SKA) has been chosen as one of the four contractors for a multiple-award, delivery order contract.

This contract involves providing third-party logistics (3PL) support for aircraft parts for several non-standard rotary wing platforms.

The contract seeks to support the US Army’s multi-national aviation special project office (MASPO) mission.

The US Army contracting command, located at the Redstone Arsenal in Huntsville, Alabama, awarded the contract.

SKA Operations vice-president Mike Delaney said: “We are excited to support the US Army.

“We are committed to building customised supply chain management solutions for our military customers.

“Our third-party acquisition process and strong relationships with our vendor base provide value to our customers, and allow us to leverage buying power across multiple contract vehicles.”

MASPO offers support to customers across the world for several former US Department of Defence (DoD), commercial, and foreign military rotary wing jets.

These jets include the MD-530 and MD-500, the Bell 200/400 series, the UH-1, the Huey-II and the AH-6.

The company, as one of the awardees, will compete for firm, fixed-price delivery orders for foreign military sales (FMS) contracts, estimated to be worth up to $43.5m.

SKA states that they are a 3PL provider who hold a ‘strategic relationships’ with several original equipment manufacturers.

For the past two decades, SKA has been providing the US military and foreign allies with parts and equipment support.

In October this year, the US Army announced that it would be postponing its plans to equip soldiers with IVAS until 2022.