Finnish firm Patria and Slovakia engineering firm CSM Industry have signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) for the eight-wheeled armoured vehicle project.

The partnership covers the delivery and sale of 8×8 armoured vehicles.

According to Patria, the production capabilities of the Slovakian firm meet the defence industry requirements and will support the project.

Patria Land business unit president Jussi Järvinen said: “We would like to contribute to the development of the engineering and defence industry in Slovakia, which has a long tradition in this country.

“It is also important to look for common opportunities and contribute to the development of this segment in Slovakia with our experience and innovations. By developing the manufacturing network in Slovakia for the 8×8 vehicle project, Patria will create new jobs in the Slovak industry.”

The cooperation between Patria and CSM is expected to result in the creation of new employment openings in the future.

It will also benefit the secondary and university-level students by providing opportunities for practical training.

CSM Industry CEO Tomáš Maroš said: “CSM has represented the traditional Slovak engineering industry since 1967, and the partnership with Patria brings a combination of traditional values and new technology advancement from Finland.

“We are happy to start a new journey together, which means new opportunities for the region with high unemployment and skill development for future generations.”

In January, Patria finalised the fire-on-the-move capability for the land-based variant of Patria Nemo, a single-barrelled remote-controlled mortar turret system.