The Malaysian Armed Forces’ (MAF) ForceSHIELD ground-based air defence (GBAD) system project has achieved full system acceptance (FSA).

The integrated advanced air defence system has been delivered to the MAF by Thales together with The Weststar Group’s Global Komited under a contract signed between the companies in September 2015.

Since signing the contract, programme management, operational and technical staff from the MAF, Thales and Global Komited have worked together to reach the milestone.

Thales Malaysia country director Thomas Pistre said: “Thales is proud of the strong collaboration we have with the Malaysian Armed Forces and Global Komited that have enabled us to reach this successful milestone that supports the safety and security of Malaysian skies.

“Through this project, Thales contributed significant offsets in Malaysia, including training, tactical simulators and investments in building the future of defence technology with an MSc degree in collaboration with National Defence University of Malaysia (UPNM).

“We remain focused on building sustainable, long-term partnerships with Malaysia.”

“We remain focused on building sustainable, long-term partnerships with Malaysia and we look forward to growing our collaboration with the Malaysian Armed Forces as they build capabilities for the future.”

With completion of the FSA, the new ForceSHIELD short-range air defence (SHORAD) solution will enter service with the Armed Forces of the country.

For more than 40 years, Thales has been operating as a core partner to the MAF by delivering and maintaining tactical radios and open information communication systems (OICSs) for the armed vehicles deployed with the Malaysian Army.

In January 2014, Thales UK secured a £100m contract from the Indonesian Ministry of Defence (MoD) for delivery of the ForceSHIELD system.

The system comprises STARStreak short-range air defence missiles, CONTROLMaster200 radar and weapon coordination systems, RAPIDRanger mobile weapon systems and lightweight multiple launchers (LML), in addition to associated communications, training and support equipment.