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Thales UK has been awarded a contract by the Indonesian Ministry of Defence (MoD) for integrated advanced air defence system, ForceSHIELD.

Under the £100m contract, Thales will provide ForceSHIELD which comprises STARStreak short-range air defence missiles, CONTROLMaster200 radar and weapon coordination systems, RAPIDRanger mobile weapon systems and lightweight multiple launchers (LML), as well as associated communications, training and support equipment.

Thales UK CEO Victor Chavez said ForceSHIELD marks a new approach to air defence for the Indonesian Army and provides a complete turnkey solution comprising latest-generation ‘sensor to effects’ technologies.

The deal also includes an agreement with PT LEN Industri to increase existing industrial cooperation with the Republic of Indonesia.

UK Prime Minister David Cameron said that the deal, worth over £100m, will help secure jobs in Northern Ireland and throughout the supply chain.

Thales’s ForceSHIELD solution provides highly-effective capabilities while meeting customer’s array of asymmetric and conventional air threats in security environment.

"The deal, worth over £100m, will help secure jobs in Northern Ireland and throughout the supply chain."

Featuring latest generation solid-state radar to detect and track 200 targets simultaneously to ranges up to 250km, the CONTROLMaster200 comprises CONTROLView engagement control system to evaluate threats, assign weapons, and coordinate combat management activity.

The CONTROLMaster200 also allows users to make complex and critical decisions faster and with greater precision and security.

The RAPIDRanger unique lightweight vehicle-based launcher and fire control system is integrated with the STARStreak high-velocity missile to counter a wide variety of air threats including ground attack aircraft, pop-up attack helicopters, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and cruise missiles.

In addition to coordinating with a variety of command and control systems, the RAPIDRanger is capable of integrating into a network-enabled force structure.

Image: Thales’ ForceSHIELD system comprises STARStreak missiles and associated equipment. Photo: courtesy of Thales Group.

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