Milrem Robotics, the prominent developer of robotics and autonomous systems (RAS) in Europe, has achieved success during the recent autonomy trials conducted by the Estonian Military Academy, announced.

The trials, which were the first of their kind, showcased the exceptional capabilities of Milrem Robotics’ unmanned ground system, THeMIS, when equipped with the company’s intelligent functions kit, MIFIK.

Last week, a series of comprehensive trials for autonomous ground robots were conducted under the guidance of the Estonian Military Academy. Overseen by a team of defence and autonomy experts from Finland, Germany, the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, and the UK.

Over the course of two days, Milrem Robotics’ intelligent ground system underwent rigorous testing at the Estonian Defence Forces central training area. During this time, observers from various countries closely examined the system’s ability to autonomously navigate through a range of challenging scenarios. The test involved navigating a variety of terrains, treacherous dirt roads, narrow forest paths, expansive fields with and without dense vegetation, and forests with varying levels of density.

These scenarios included road, off-road, and dense forest environments, where the system’s performance in crucial elements such as route planning, point-to-point movement, and obstacle avoidance were carefully evaluated and the technological readiness of the Unmanned Ground Vehicle and its ability to cooperate with human operators were thoroughly assessed.

The highly anticipated autonomy trials, a collaborative effort between the Estonian Military Academy and various units of the Estonian Defence Forces, witnessed the participation of 11 skilled developers specialising in Robotic Autonomous Systems hailing from nine different nations, attracting a diverse array of visitors from nearly 20 countries.

The technology exhibited its ability to navigate through highly intricate surroundings, triumphing even in the most densely forested areas. Kuldar Väärsi, the CEO of Milrem Robotics, emphasised the significance of autonomy in unmanned ground systems, particularly in the context of the battlefield. Väärsi highlighted that autonomy plays a pivotal role in relieving manpower for alternative duties and enabling soldiers to focus on their mission rather than vehicle operation.

Väärsi stressed the significance of Milrem’s intelligent capabilities, which have garnered praise during the trials. However, he also emphasised that the development of autonomy is a long-term endeavour, requiring ongoing enhancements in reliability, features, and user interface.

The event, which saw the participation of Milrem Robotics’ EDIDP integrated Modular Unmanned Ground System (IMUGS) project, was partially funded by the company. The project’s autonomy team also took part in the event.

Milrem Robotics is a prominent European robotics and autonomous systems developer and systems integrator that has gained recognition for its impressive portfolio of uncrewed ground vehicles, including the THeMIS and Multiscope models, as well as the Type-X Robotic Combat Vehicle and the MIFIK autonomy kit. The company has been appointed as the leader of the iMUGS consortium, which is responsible for the development of a standardised uncrewed ground system in Europe. This initiative has been funded by the European Commission’s European Defence Industrial Development Programme.

Milrem Robotics, and Edge subsidiary, recently showcase its uncrewed combat and firefighting ground vehicles at the LAAD Defence and Security 2023 event in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.