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Andrew Salerno-Garthwaite

Australian Army to U-turn on multi-role brigade restructure

Australia will restructure its three regular force combat brigades with new designations, only a decade after assigning multi-role functions.

With 10 Leopard 2 tanks, Sweden has given Ukraine “all that we can”

After delivering the main battle tanks, a statement from Sweden’s Armed Forces has chilling overtones regarding Ukrainian assistance.

Signal: US to provide ATACMS long range missiles to Ukraine

ATACMS longer-range missiles systems, long sought by Ukraine in the defence against Russia, will be provided by the US despite concerns.

Special Forces become subject of Afghanistan killings inquiry

Special Forces become the subject of an inquiry into potentially unlawful killings in Afghanistan after a change to the terms of reference.

As Ukraine advances, UK pledges ‘tens of thousands’ more 155mm artillery shells

With gains around Bakhmut attributable to long-range precision fire, UK pledges tens of thousands of artillery shells to defend Ukraine.

DSEI 2023: Wolfhound’s laser system takes out UAVs for the price of a ‘cup of coffee’

The Wolfhound armoured vehicle will be integrated with a high-energy laser counter-drone system from Raytheon for the UK MoD.

DoD award X-Energy transportable nuclear micro-reactor contract

Nuclear micro-reactor technology seeks to provided carbon free energy supplies that can be transported safely to austere environments.

ADS Group report finds defence adds £9.8bn to UK economy

The UK trade association for the defence industry found that the sector had contributed £9.8bn to the national economy.

Marder infantry fighting vehicle donation to Ukraine doubles

Marder IFVs will be delivered by Rheinmetall at a rate of ten per month until Germany’s donation to Ukraine totals 80 of the vehicles.

DARPA teams: Beaming an ‘internet of energy’ through aerial relays

DARPA chose teams for a project for optical beaming of energy between aerial relay platforms, aiming to revolutionise energy transport.