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Andrew Salerno-Garthwaite

UK Special Forces in Afghanistan investigated for unlawful killings

Inquiry to seek factual conclusions despite lack of culpability identification.

Project ATRACT – war-zone triage with AI and UAVs

Researchers at Edge Hill University have launched a new drone project powered by artificial intelligence for battlefield triage.

Laser directed energy weapon deal for Blighter and Raytheon UK

Laser directed energy weapon contract with Ministry of Defence awarded to Blighter by Raytheon UK.

Lethal autonomous weapons inquiry launched by House of Lords

Ministry of Defence officials will give evidence to the UK House of Lords inquiry on lethal autonomous weapon systems.

International support for Ukraine war remains strong

Recent polls from have highlighted the divisions in international support for Ukraine, by geography, in research from the EU, Ipsos and ECFR.

Russia’s military planners in Ukraine muddled by anachronism

The IISS’ Military Balance Report forecasts a spring offensive in Ukraine, with both sides preparing defensive and offensive strategies and western advisors pushing for a combined arms approach to counter Russia’s twentieth-century tactics.

Lacking ‘clarity or purpose’, UK’s strategic policy receives heavy criticism from the House of Lords

The House of Lords International Relations and Defence Committee found a ‘strategic vacuum’ in government policy on China, and questions the UK Minister of Defence for his remarks supporting the reunification of China and Taiwan.

Indo-Pacific wave of defence trade for Malaysia and South Korea

As Malaysia’s military modernises and South Korea redefines itself as a net arms exporter, the rising tide of defence spending continues across the Indo-Pacific.

Predictive maintenance in US military needs action: GAO

Predictive maintenance keeps more platforms combat ready, but the GAO has found the services to be lagging on this 20 year old policy.

Deepening Indo-Pacific partnerships, US clears Chinooks for South Korea

IISS 2022 Strategic Survey puts the US sale of new platforms to South Korea into context with broader strategic concerns in the Indo-Pacific.