Having attended a demonstration at the Estonian Embassy, I delved into the world of SensusQ, an Estonian-based company focusing on military intelligence. Their flagship technology, Winning Minds, has proven itself in active military scenarios.

Estonian-based SensusQ’s Winning Minds technology proves its effectiveness, transforming information processing in critical situations.

In the era of information overload, SensusQ emerges as a player for military intelligence, providing a 30% efficiency over traditional methods. The platform, already deployed in Ukraine, promises quicker decision-making, enhanced security, and the prevention of intelligence failures.

In an age where data overwhelms traditional military intelligence methods, the misconceptions fuelled by Hollywood glamorising intelligence work are shattered by the reality of painstaking manual processes reminiscent of the 1990s. SensusQ’s Winning Minds technology aims to propel military intelligence into the 21st century, converting data into actionable insights.

Addressing military needs in Ukraine

SensusQ addresses the need for data conversion in high-pressure military environments. “Every step of the way that I’m showing here is saving, you know, 10-15% of time from each operation,” explains Erik Markus Kannike, CSO at SensusQ. Unlike fictional depictions, the reality involves crafting of reports using outdated tools.

While specifics on individual cases remain confidential, Estonian-based SensusQ’s tools actively contribute to enhancing military intelligence in Ukraine. “In Ukraine, we’re working with the Ukrainian border guards. They use our platform for various capabilities, from making sense of the world to strategic communications, providing valuable support without compromising sensitive information,” says Kannike. 

Organisations safeguarding lives and the country benefit from the platform’s ability to streamline data processes, making a tangible difference in situations.

Setting SensusQ apart 

“SensusQ’s technology is designed to transcend borders, contributing to military intelligence wherever it is crucial,” emphasises Kannike. The company prioritises strengthening NATO states and allies and conducting background checks to ensure ethical collaboration.

SensusQ tries to set itself apart with a unique approach, emphasising keeping sensitive data in end-users hands and integrating with existing military drills. “It’s an open API. If they have their own camera systems, it can be literally everything,” states Kannike, differentiating from competitors such as Palantir and Helsing.

“In this sector, there’s a certain challenge, and training data is quite hard to come by,” admits Kannike. However, Estonian-based SensusQ provides on-premises operations, ensuring sensitive data remains under the client’s control. This approach alleviates concerns about data security and access.

Estonia’s proactive defence modernisation

To bolster its defence capabilities, the Estonian Ministry of Defence has pursued modernisation programmes on a limited budget, collaborating with allies and focusing on IoT and unmanned systems technologies. 

Notable examples include Cybernetica’s contributions to the European Cyber Situational Awareness platform and MilRem Robotics’ joint procurement contract for multi-role unmanned ground vehicles. As the European geopolitical security landscape evolves, Estonia’s proactive approach positions it as a dedicated partner in the European defence market.

Proven impact on military operations

“SensusQ is working on self-explainable and transparent AI, aligning with NATO standards,” reveals Kannike. The company carefully vets potential customers to ensure their intentions align with ethical standards, emphasising responsible data handling.

“Founded by military veterans with real-world experience in Iraq and Afghanistan, SensusQ brings a depth of knowledge and practical understanding to military needs,” shares Kannike. The platform aims to avert future conflicts and prevent intelligence failures, ultimately supporting global security and peace.

“SensusQ’s impact is not confined to theory,” notes Kannike; it’s actively utilised by the Estonian Defence League, providing practical solutions in real-world scenarios. The company collaborates closely with military units, attending major training exercises to refine and enhance its platform continually.

Estonia has unveiled a decade-long military strategy, surpassing NATO guidelines with a commitment to a $1.3bn (€1.2bn) defence budget by 2028, according to GlobalData’s intelligence on the Estonian defence market. This proactive response to regional threats, primarily from Russia, reflects Estonia’s dedication to fortifying sovereignty. 

Collaborating with NATO, the EU, and Baltic partners, Estonia’s multifaceted approach underscores collective security amid shared regional challenges, aligning with a ten-year development plan. Despite challenges, strategic collaborations position Estonia for military strength and resilience. Estonian-based companies, such as SensusQ, are pushing the Estonian defence market further in the role that Estonia plays within geopolitical dynamics.  

Looking ahead

SensusQ’s future plans involve scaling operations, delivering on a larger scale in Ukraine, expanding to Poland, and entering the US market,” outlines Kannike. The company envisions becoming the standard system in NATO and preventing tragic intelligence failures in allied countries.

It offers a fully functional product with on-premise operations to ensure reliability.

“For deep tech and sector-specific investors, SensusQ presents a unique opportunity,” says Kannike, “with diverse revenue streams, stable growth potential, and a team boasting expertise in both military and IT sectors.”

SensusQ emerges as an industry player in the military intelligence landscape, challenging outdated processes and offering tangible solutions for the challenges of the 21st century. With a focus on efficiency, security, and ethical use, SensusQ stands ready to try and shape the future of military intelligence.