The UK Ministry of Defence (MoD) has started to deliver ‘Project Vulcan’: a task set to develop and sustain a ground manoeuvre synthetic trainer system (GMST). This platform will deliver simulated training for the latest land-based platforms, such as the Boxer armoured vehicles and Challenger 3 main battle tanks.

The project will include high fidelity driver trainers and cabins for turret and armament variants backed up by a full digital training management system. 

Elbit’s open architecture and common digital systems support the delivery of an agile, interchangeable platform capability.

The simulators will be networked to allow soldiers to train simultaneously in different formations, vehicles and locations. It can also be adapted to meet the training needs of all future armoured vehicles for the British Army.

CEO of Elbit Systems UK Martin Fausset stated: “The training of armoured vehicle crews is paramount to their operational effectiveness and safety, and we take great pride in the trust the UK MoD have placed in us to deliver this contract.”

Land industrial strategy

The MoD had initially issued its invitation to tender the GMST platform in September 2020. According to the MoD’s statement of user need: “Vulcan seeks to establish a comprehensive simulator system to satisfy individual (driver, gunner, commander) and crew training for MIV, WCSP and CR2 LEP+ and planned, both technically and commercially, to exploit emerging technology and expand to other vehicle fleets over time.”

This contracts follows the MoD’s attempt to form closer ties with industry partners as the department seeks to evolve to meet the new threats outlined in the Integrated Review Refresh 2023.

According to the UK’s Land Industrial Strategy, published this time last year, the MoD asserted: “we intend to deliver a core nucleus of digitised capabilities – Challenger III, Boxer, Ajax and Apache – as well as new dismounted equipment, long-range fires, air defences, drones, electronic warfare, and cyber capabilities.”

Elbit has already commenced work as a trusted MoD industry partner having delivered its Interim Combined Arms Virtual Simulation (Deployable), a British Army simulated training capability that is fully integrated with Defence Virtual Simulation 2 software.

In addition, the MoD recently ended its contract with Hadean, a British deep-tech start-up. Hadean was also tasked with providing a cloud-distributed simulation training platform that integrates emerging technologies, much like Elbit’s GMST contract.