Spatial computing company Hadean and AI solutions provider Faculty AI will team up and accelerate the advancement of AI integrations for defence, security, and national or international governance.

According to a 27 November release by Hadean, the collaboration marks “a significant milestone in harnessing the power of live and synthetic data to propel innovation” and support the global customer base.

Hadean added that the agreement aimed to leverage expertise in developing AI-driven solutions, and AI-powered spatial computing technology to exploit synergies and develop capabilities. As Open AI’s first implementation partner, Faculty AI will bring experience of AI-related solutions, while Hadean has a standing relationship with the UK Ministry of Defence and British Army in areas such as training.

The partnership will combine Faculty AI’s experience of developing and deploying AI models onto UAVs “and other edge devices” with the Hadean Platform to leverage on a large-scale synthetic environment that can simulate immersive and complex scenarios, the company stated.

The planned capability development is intended to enable rapid validation of algorithms and prototype technologies in areas such as subject identication, object tracking, autonomous swarming development, and more.

Describing AI as an “epoch-defining technology”, head of defence at Faculty AI, Andrew Van Der Lem, said it would help the UK operate “quicker and more intelligently” than its adversaries.

“This partnership between two industry leaders will offer new services to public and private sector clients, whilst fundamentally rethinking how AI can impact operations,” Van Der Lem added.

AI in short-term dip over long-term increase

According to GlobalData analysis, the global aerospace, defence and security industry experienced a 46% drop in company filings mentions of AI in Q3 2023 compared with the previous quarter. However, US-based AI leader Lockheed Martin recorded an increase of AI mentions in filings of 700% in Q3 2023 compared with Q3 2022.

In addition, GlobalData’s Company Filings Analytics also applies sentiment weight to reference sentences, based on whether the sentences are positive, negative, or neutral. Starting at 100 in 2020, an index over 100 is more positive. The overall index for artificial intelligence in Q3 2023 was 110.

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