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Richard Thomas

UK sells on more than 150 armoured vehicles in 2022, but to where?

Platforms sold includes FV430 Bulldog armoured personnel carriers, although buyers are not disclosed amid questions over sales to Ukraine.

Oman becoming lynchpin for UK global military hub network

The Ras Madrakah training area will be routinely utilised by the British Army for two-thirds of the year.

Operation Interflex: Ukrainian recruits prepare for war

Thousands of Ukrainian recruits have passed through secretive UK training sites since the summer as part of a concerted effort to deliver infantry skills to aid Kyiv’s war effort.

Charting the extent of Iran’s arms proliferation

Iran’s support of proxies in the Middle East and allies such as Russia has extended to the provision of sophisticated weapons.

UK Defence Secretary: British Army 15 years behind peers

A confused strategic direction and failed procurement has left the British Army with severe capability gaps.

More AMPVs for US Army after Ukraine M113 provision

The US provided 200 M113 armoured personnel carriers from active units, which will now be allowed to be replaced by the AMPV.

Hybrid drive emerges as key capability for US Army’s OMFV

Free Buyer’s Guide Leading Guide to Antennas, Masts & Towers for the Land Defence Industry The document includes detailed information…

OSINT in Ukraine: Global Defence Technology 137

In this edition: OSINT in Ukraine, India’s new carrier, digital avionics, and more.

UK dips into booming global artillery market with M270A2 upgrade

The UK plans to acquire additional launcher units, amid a global artillery market that is set to increase.

Modernised Apache concept would feature ITEP engine (Correct)

Boeing is looking at what capabilities the Apache could field in the future, with the type expected to stay in service for years to come.