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Richard is editor-in-chief for defence and transport at GlobalData.

Richard Thomas

Ukrainian forces likely moving towards assembly areas ahead of offensive

Russia is estimated to have sustained around 60,000 casualties in the Bakhmut and Popasna areas, with well in excess of 200,000 killed or injured across Ukraine since February 2022.

UK Chinook CH-47ER delivery subject to late-2023 review

The outcome of the review is due to be presented in a note to the Investment Approvals Committee in late 2023.

Roshel’s Senator MRAP passes Nato-level ballistic and blast tests

The 4WD platform is widely distributed to Ukrainian forces, with several hundred vehicles having been delivered to the country.

The radio emission problem and how to solve it

Radio frequency signature is emerging as an increasingly reliable means of detecting, observing and tracking the movement of troops.

Elbit Systems UK to deliver GBSR to UK military

According to a 2022 GlobalData report into the global military radar market, the sector was anticipated to register a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 2.4%

UK MoD stands ground over PAC report into “broken” defence procurement

The PAC report released earlier this year stated that UK defence equipment programmes were arriving late and over-budget.

Russia prepares for Ukraine counter-offensive amid Bakhmut claims

The head of Russia’s Wagner Group claimed to have seized the Ukrainian town of Bakhmut after months of heavy fighting.

Zelenskyy flies into the UK as Euro tour continues

The UK has been one of the most significant allies of Ukraine from even before Russia’s large-scale invasion in February 2022.

Operation Interflex expands Ukraine training to platoon commanders

Thousands of Ukrainian personnel have been trained by the UK military at undisclosed sites to aid Kyiv in its war against Russia.

Czech Army seeks spares for BVP-2 fleet

The Czech Republic has issued a contract to obtain spares for its BVP-2 IFV fleet, in a deal valued at over $1m.