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Richard Thomas

Richard is editor-in-chief for defence and transport at GlobalData.

Israel looks set to become latest JLTV operator

The US-designed Joint Light Tactical Vehicle (JLTV) is used as a utility platform by operators.

Global vehicle armour market set to increase as threats multiply

Composite armour segment expected to lead, with reactive following close behind, as countries invest in vehicle protection systems.

Middle East personnel comprise 45% of overseas cadets at Sandhurst

The UAE recorded the highest number of its military officers enrolled from the Middle East, with 139 personnel, followed by Qatar (120), and Bahrain (115).

Signal: UK industry partnership to develop AI-based solutions for defence

The planned capability development is intended to enable rapid validation of algorithms and prototype technologies in a range of areas.

Huge increase in UK defence exports, hitting £11.2bn in 2022

Export values in 2021 were £6.6bn, with the £4.4bn rise attributed to contracts in the Middle East and Canada.

British Army to use ChatGPT-integrated robotic targets for training

SimStriker started development in 2020 and is used at 4GD’s SmartFacility, which is currently in service with the British Army’s 16 Air Assault Brigade.

Signal: X-Bow Systems nets funding for hypersonic development

The interim funding round fulfils X-Bow’s matching requirements for its $60m STRATFI programme with AFWERX and the US Air Force.

US DoD awards $36m modification to US Army’s HERCULES programme

The M88A2 combat recovery vehicle is a mainstay of the US Army and is able to recover any armoured platform incapacitated through combat, accident or terrain.

Carl-Gustaf sales over $500m in 2023 as Saab announces latest deal

Sales have been recorded for militaries in North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific as demand for the recoilless rifle continues.

Signal: Falkland Islands in focus following Argentina election

The UK and Argentina both declare “non-negotiable” rights to the Falkland Islands after election results in Argentina brought a right-wing candidate to power.