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Rugged Transit Cases

Erlengasse 3,
CH-8240 Thayngen Switzerland

Vision – Innovate to protect

DESAPRO is a international industry leader in specialised premium aluminium rack mounts, transit and equipment cases. We provide our customers with innovative solutions to safeguard and protect valuable and precious goods during transport or operation worldwide.

  • We have an international footprint
  • We cater to different industries
  • We manufacture high-quality and reliable products

Engineering centre for customised aluminium packaging solutions

We aim to resolve your packaging challenges by adding value with our expertise in aluminium. Our knowledgeable engineers use state-of-the-art computer-aided design (CAD) tools to design a solution from concept to design for the relevant application with expert metal fabricators at our manufacturing facility.

With more than 60 years of experience in designing fabricated aluminium products, DESAPRO can make high-precision packaging solutions that meet stringent protection requirements of our customers for their relevant operational application. On-site customer qualification testing and product quality testing is readily available.

DESAPRO provides high-quality specialised aluminium rack mount, transit solutions that are engineered to withstand adverse field operations, transportation and storage applications.

We aim to satisfy customer requirements while delivering high-performance products for the aerospace, defence, military, medical and energy industries.

DESAPRO manufactures top quality cases that combine corrosion-resistant materials with an elegant design. Our cases are built for high stability and provide protection against spray water and dust to ensure a high return on investment.

Durable aluminium packaging for adverse military environments

DESAPRO manufactures resilient aluminium housings and cases for extreme conditions and severe field operations, military and commercial transport operations.

We design and manufacture both standard and customised aluminium transit housings for rack mount electronic equipment requiring protection from a wide range of elements such as shock, vibration, water and dust.

DESAPRO also designs shipping cases and offers a variety of customised aluminium solutions based on end-user specifications and market sectors.

Our in-house engineering centre has the expertise to design speciality cases is tailored to the customer’s exact requirements. Since we incorporate an aluminium sheet shell process, we are not restrained by sizing restrictions inherent in plastic moulds or deep drawn aluminium cases that involve a die process.

Water and dustproof transit cases

The MILEX case is shock and vibration-absorbing transit case for 19in electronics.

Resistant to both water and dust, MILEX transit cases are Nato-approved and designed to meet the stringent requirements of global military standards. Along with a large range of accessories such as cooling systems, racks, drawers and slides, our MILEX transit cases provide a safe packaging solution for mobile electronics.

Out MILEX transit cases can withstand shock, fall, vibration, dust, water and electromagnetic interference, and are designed and manufactured to the specific requirements of environmental protection required by the equipment being stored and transported.

High-performance light metal cases

They light metal STANEX cases are highly resistant against drop shock, mechanical shock and vibration. When closed, they provide high levels of protection against intrusion of sand and dust, snow, ice and water. They comply with electrical equipment protection standard EN60529 and have IATA approval UN4B1/Y120/S/89/CH2659.

Transport containers for sensitive military equipment

The PORTEX instrument case is extremely rugged, versatile and waterproof, offering the widest ranges of sizes and options.

They are ideal for the safe transportation and field operation of sensitive equipment for commercial, industrial and military applications.

The PORTEX range has a wide selection of special features that help ensure the safe delivery of intricate instruments in-transit and operations in hostile environments.

Temperature-controlled equipment for cooling applications

Our KOOLEX product line ranges from fans and heat exchangers to high-end active air-conditioning systems.

We aim to offer the best solution depending on heating or cooling requirements, availability and type of electric power.

The KOOLEX range of durable cover air-conditioners is suitable for mobile command centres, tents and trailers where AC power is available.

DESAPRO Engineering Centre

DESAPRO's multi-disciplinary engineering team means the company is capable of supporting the specific design needs of clients.

MILEX Shock and Vibration Absorbing Transit Case

The MILEX transit case is suitable for 19″ electronics and is designed to be water and dustproof, as well as shock and vibration absorbent. The cases are Nato approved and are specially developed to meet the rigid requirements of US MIL specifications and standards.

AEGIS Custom Rotomold Transit Cases

DESAPRO's has developed the next generation of high strength, custom rotomold transit cases. Aegis cases are designed to be robust, lightweight, rotationally moulded, and waterproof.

DESAPRO: Deployable Communications Systems

DESAPRO is an international industry leader in specialized premium rack mounts, transit cases. We provide our customers with innovative solutions to safeguard and protect valuable and precious goods during transport, storage or operation worldwide.

Deployable Lightweight Rackmount Case

The 1/2 19 inch rackmount system can be carried in a backpack, be taken onboard of a commercial airline (with wheels & handle) or integrated into a vehThe 1/2 19 inch rackmount system can be carried in a backpack, be taken onboard of a commercial airline (with wheels & handle) or integrated into a vehicle.icle.

DESAPRO Material Comparison: Transport & Transit Cases

DESAPRO has a 60 year heritage and is an international leader in designing and manufacturing of aluminum rack mounts, transit & equipment cases, as well as cooling solutions for the aerospace and defense industry. We offer a wide range of sizes and options.

DESAPRO Robotics Container

The DESAPRO robotics case is a dust and water proof transit case specifically designed for the transportation and storage of robots.

DESAPRO Cable Management Solutions

The tactical transit case cable management systems provide a variety of benefits to deployed communications systems and are purpose-built integrating lessons learned from a decade of support in austere environments.

DESAPRO Missile Container

The DESAPRO missile case is a dust and water proof transit case specifically designed for the transportation and storage of missiles. The DESAPRO missile transit cases are designed to meet the rigid requirements of U.S. MIL-specification.

KOOLEX AC Cooling Solutions

DESAPRO has developed a family of active cooling systems consisting of MILEX 19in transit cases and KOOLEX AC cooling units in different sizes and power ranges. The system has a uniform and unique look and feel as well as compact form fit and function.

DESAPRO Company Overview

Founded in 1959, DESAPRO is an international leader in the engineering and manufacture of transit, rack mount and equipment cases, as well as heat and cool exchange solutions for the aeronautics, defence, security, IT, medical, energy and the oil and gas industries.


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