The MILEX transit case is suitable for 19″ electronics and is designed to be water and dustproof, as well as shock and vibration absorbent. The cases are Nato approved and are specially developed to meet the rigid requirements of US MIL specifications and standards.

Together with a wide range of accessories including cooling systems, racks, drawers and slides, MILEX transit cases represent the most comprehensive line available today for the safe packaging of mobile electronics. MILEX transit cases are made exactly to customer’s specifications. DESAPRO is highly experienced in designing and custom manufacturing to deliver the right quality for your application on time.

MILEX transit cases are designed to meet the rigid requirements of MIL-STD-810G and other appropriate military standards for a product of this kind. MILEX cases are designed and manufactured to the specific requirements of environmental protection required by the equipment being contained and transported. This provides maximum protection at the same time as affording other essential and desirable features.

The size of the MILEX case is determined by the size of the equipment demands. However, due to the positioning of the DESAPRO shock mounts the space between the inner chassis and outer shell is minimised, with equal or better shock and vibration properties. This feature means that the overall dimension of MILEX cases is as small as it can be without sacrificing protective characteristics.

MILEX Cases Consist of Three Main Parts:

Self-supporting housing

A rigid welded construction forms a self-supporting shell that is both light and rugged. The entire aluminum construction is shockproof and resistant to extreme temperature change, conductive and fully recyclable. Stacking feet on the bottom and indentations on the top of the housing provide stable stacking of the cases. The standard equipped cases include a pressure equalization valve. Case connections and securing the cases to any bolting pattern are available for specific applications.

Shock-mounted chassis

The core of the case is a shock mounted chassis. Depending on them model and size, equipment can be fitted either from the front or the rear of the case. In order to keep the weight down and allow for optimal ventilation the chassis are designed with large holes. The chassis is connected to the housing shell by an electrical ground strap.


All MILEX cases are protected against outside influences through a bolted cover with gasket. Easily operated closures are recessed in the housing cover and ensure a solid seal. The cover space can be used for I/O panel, windows, cable pouches, ventilation louvres and more.