DESAPRO’s KOOLEX solution provides complete temperature control within the company’s MILEX cases.

Our cooling solutions range from simple fans to high-end solutions, such as active vapor cycle air conditioning. Depending on the temperature requirements, availability, and type of electrical power, DESAPRO will find the best system for any application.

DESAPRO’s passive Heat Exchanger Cover features two forced air circulations loops that are not connected, which allows sealed operations. This system cycles outside air into the heat exchanger, where it passes over fins in the passage, reducing the temperature of the fins and removing the heat.

On the inside loop, the air in the case is brought into the heat exchanger, releasing the temperature of the fins. The heat is passed from the inside loop to the outer loop via the fins (passive connection). The heat dissipation capability depends on the position of the case (stand alone, position against a wall, stacked).

KOOLEX works most effectively when there is a temperature differential between the inside and outside of at least 20°C.