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Electro-optic Devices and Armour Solutions for the Military

A global defense & homeland security company that empowers heroes by providing smart solutions to boost their confidence in any challenging situation.

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MKU is global defense & homeland security company that empowers heroes by providing smart solutions to boost their confidence in any challenging situation.

Based in India and Germany, MKU empowers heroes in the line of duty through smart soldier solutions and smart platform solutions that deliver confidence in challenging situations. Smart Functionality, smart design and smart technologies are the foundation on which all our solutions are designed, developed and manufactured to ensure nothing but the best is delivered to the heroes.

MKU is a leading manufacturer of soldier optronics, Soldier Protection and platform protection solutions for military, paramilitary, and homeland security. Over the past 3 decades, we have expanded our customer footprint to over 100 countries and have serviced over 230 forces globally till date. Our network of over 50 channel partners helps us service our customers locally, globally. It a matter of pride for us to be able to have empowered over 3 million soldiers and armoured over 3000 platforms.

Our rich experience and deep understanding of the requirements and challenges faced by heroes in the line of duty, coupled with extensive R&D capability gives us the expertise and authority to successfully design, develop and deliver solutions that empower our heroes. We share the passion for thought leadership and technological advancements & take pride in formulating better and smarter solutions across range that boost comfort and confidence.

Business Verticals & Products

NETRO: We are turning night into day for our heroes with our range of industry-leading NETRO Optronics Solutions so they can operate with efficiency and confidence in the dark.

NETRO Soldier Optronics: Our indigenous developed optronics solutions for soldiers include:

  • Night Vision Solutions
  • Night Vision Weapon Sights
  • Night Vision Monoculars
  • Night Vision Bi-oculars
  • Thermal Solutions
  • Thermal Weapon Sights
  • Thermal Handheld Devices

KAVRO: We stand firmly between our heroes and the bullet, no matter what threat they face. we develop and manufacture smart Soldier Protection and Platform Protection solutions that give our heroes the most advanced, multi-threat protection, using patented technologies and systems developed with years of research and development.

KAVRO Soldier Protection: Our smart soldier solutions include:

  • Ballistic Helmets
  • Body Armour (Ballistic Vests and Armour Inserts)
  • Ballistic Shields and Briefcase

KAVRO Platform Protection

End to end solutions from design, development, manufacturing, and integration of light weight composite armour for Air, Naval and Land Platforms.

Our solutions are tested and certified by leading laboratories and organisations across the globe, we follow some of the stringent quality management systems in the world. Every product that leaves our factories is tested to prescribed standards. Our solutions undergo over 70 quality checks during various stages of production, packaging and until delivery.

Innovation is a mindset at MKU. We focus our investments on innovation, design and development of smart solutions. We invest heavily on R&D and have dedicated design teams and technical experts at our facilities in India and Germany. Our R&D capabilities allow us to constantly enhance capabilities and performance in our solutions to ensure that we remain at the forefront of the industry.

  • Airborne Systems
  • Naval Systems
  • Land Systems

About MKU

MKU, formerly known as M Kumar Udyog, was established in 1985, soon they had become the largest manufacturer and supplier of ‘Fibreglass helmets and Snow boots’ to the Indian army. They became a leading name in global defence market when they became the first company to develop and manufacture light weight composite armour outside US and Europe.

In 2016, they diversified into Soldier Optronics and within a few years, developed the complete technology in-house. In 2019, MKU launched their first set of night vision devices and have since then launched night vision and thermal weapon sights, monocular, goggles and hand-held devices among other Smart solution in the solder Protection and Platform protection range

In the past 3 decades, the company have expanded its customer footprint to over 100 countries globally and have serviced over 230 forces. With a well-established global network of channel partners MKU have empowered over 3 million soldiers and armoured over 3000+ platforms.

Chronologically, following is a walk-through of MKUs’ milestones over the years:

– 1985: Established as M Kumar Udyog

– 1992: The sole supplier of fibreglass helmets to the Indian Army

– 2000: Introduced personal protection solutions alongside body armour & helmets

– 2003: Secured first international contract of Body Armour for Spanish army.

– 2005: Rebranded to MKU

– 2008: Acquired AST GMBH, Germany and ventured into Helicopter and Naval Vessels

– 2013: Diversified partnerships & sales to over 100 countries

– 2017: Secured largest contract for Helmets from MOD, India

– 2018: Partnered with over 50 countries through our channel partner program

– 2019: Commenced commercial production of night vision & thermal devices

– 2021: Embarked on a mission to make the world a safer place for the generations to come.

MKU has in-house labs, which can test as per MIL grade and other international standards to optimise our products.

For our protection solutions, we have in-house capabilities to test ballistic, stab and accelerated ageing performance that comply to NIJ, HSDB, Schutzklassen, BIS and STANAG standards

In Optronics, we have in-house capability for testing, optical and photometry, environmental and ruggedness performance of our devices – which give us an edge to develop and enhance performance in our solutions. MKU technical centre is recognized by the Ministry of Science and Technology, Government of India.

Press Releases

Products & services

  • Comprehensive Ballistic Protection Solutions

    In a combat zone, there is no looking back. MKU delivers comprehensive ballistic protection solutions for personnel to ensure that every soldier accomplishes his mission fearlessly by keeping him safe from all threats on hand.

  • Night Vision Devices

    Night vision devices are devices designed to allow the user to see in dark conditions. They allow images to be produced in levels of light approaching total darkness.

  • KAVRO Platform Armouring Solutions

    MKU offers complete project management for design, development, manufacturing, and integration of protection solutions for Land, Air and Naval platforms using special patented technologies and systems which have been developed over years of R&D efforts.

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