Netro Night vision devices are devices designed to allow the user to see in dark conditions. They allow images to be produced in levels of light approaching total darkness. Our devices can detect the heat of any targets against cooler background during day or night, In difficult conditions such as haze, dust, snow, forest, grass, complete darkness, and more.

NETRO Night Vision Devices are advanced, compact and lightweight, they help you stay one step ahead in during missions in low light conditions. At MKU we have a wide range of versatile weapon sights, monocular and bi-oculars devices available based on the latest technologies to choose for your mission.

In military applications, Night Vision Devices are widely used in search, rescue, and surveillance operations and have become crucial equipment for armed forces across the globe. Night vision devices are developed with the ability to provide a clear image at night without additional illuminators. These Devices are today useful to provide enormous benefits to the soldiers to step ahead in the nighttime combat missions.

While choosing NVDs, few important performance parameters that need to be considered are:

  • Figure of Merit,
  • Signal-to-Noise ratio,
  • Resolution
  • Auto Gating

Figure of Merit: FOM is used to determine the overall performance of the image intensifier tube and is calculated as a product of the image intensifier’s resolution and a signal-to-noise ratio. The value of FOM is easily calculated for all types of tubes from known measured values, it is a quantity that is used for measuring the effectiveness of a device, and for characterizing the output reliability of empirical models, and determine the functioning of the night vision devices.


FOM Resolution (lp/mm)

Signal-to-noise ratio (SNR): The SNR determines the capability of night vision devices during the low light condition as it defines the Image Intensifier output brightness divided by the root mean square of the variations in output brightness and is usually measured at a light-level of 108 μlx. The signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) is the key parameter to predict the performance of an II-tube. Hence higher SNR means objects can be seen with better contrast and enhances the ability of the tube, under low illumination conditions.

Resolution: Resolution of Night Vision Devices signifies details the human eye is able to pick in the image when seen through the device. It is more accurately known as limiting resolution, tube resolution is measured in line pairs per millimeter or lp/mm. The higher value of resolution means that the device can generate recognizable images of smaller targets separated by smaller distances Thus, resulting in better quality images.

Often the resolution in the same night vision device is very different when measured at the center of the image and the periphery of the image.

Auto Gating: Auto Gating is a crucial technology in modern-day NVDs. It makes the device capable of giving clear visuals infrequent and sudden changes in light conditions. Placed within the image intensifier tube, it enables the amount of light reaching the intensifier to be automatically gated, i.e., it frequently switches ON and OFF the tube, hence brighter lights do not cause any damage to the unit.

The Auto-Gating process applies an adaptive approach in order to reduce the impact of impulsive noise. Auto-Gating electronically reduces the duty cycle of the photocathode voltage by rapidly switching the voltage on and off, which maintains the most appropriate performance of the image intensifier tube.

It also improves the quality of the image, as well as enhances usability under dynamic lighting conditions found during military and law enforcement operations. The feature also protects its user from temporary blindness and helps maintain absolute situational awareness.


MKU’s technically advanced Netro Soldier Optronics devices, such as Night Vision Devices provide a greater advantage to the soldiers in pitch dark conditions through higher FOM in the devices, this game-changing technology has effectively transformed the battlefield of the 21st century and given its user a clear-cut advantage over their adversary.

MKU is committed to providing Night Vision & Thermal Imaging devices which allow soldiers and security personnel to operate effectively and with precision under low light and near pitch dark conditions. MKU’s Optronics devices are compatible with a host of commercially available combat equipment. They can be mounted easily using existing mounting & attachment subsystems.

MKU’s core business focus is the engineering of cutting-edge product development and the subsequent manufacturing of products that originate from such design improvements. Simple and affordable logistics support is what defines a great system along with MKU’s consistent and continued observance of the manufacturing validation of those Image Intensified (I2) systems.