Comprehensive Ballistic Protection Solutions - Army Technology
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Comprehensive Ballistic Protection Solutions

In a combat zone, there is no looking back. MKU delivers comprehensive ballistic protection solutions for personnel to ensure that every soldier accomplishes his mission fearlessly by keeping him safe from all threats on hand.

MKU’s wide-ranging domain expertise in manufacturing ballistic protection solutions allows it to offer customized and technologically superior products both in soft as well as hard armour configurations. Exposure to global markets, imparts to it, a superior understanding of the various global defence & security establishments, environments, and applications. With in-house development centers located in India and Germany, MKU untiringly works towards providing cutting edge and innovative protection solutions; ensuring the best protection to the brave hearts.

Custom and Integrated Body Armour

Modern-day warfare conditions and operation strategies have evolved. They incorporate new tactics which require additional situational awareness. A modern soldier is equipped with an integrated set of high technology equipment and uniforms. Their communication systems are linked to a variety of real-time and archived battlefield information resources.

Besides the technology, equipment and uniforms, field conditions have also evolved over the years for modern soldiers. MKU offers custom design and development of body armour as per the requirements of its customer.

Body armour customization encompasses:

  • Design customisation
  • Protection and threat levels
  • Device integration

Ballistic Resistance of Body Armor NIJ Standard 0101.06 establishes minimum performance requirements and test methods for the ballistic resistance of individual body armor designed to protect the fuselage against gunfire and MKU provides NIJ 0101.06 certification by the National Institute of Justice (NIJ), the USA for a range of Advanced Soft Armor and Hard Armor panel configurations. These panels exhibit superior durability, safety and reliability even after prolonged use and are available with a prolonged warranty.

Ergonomics and Agility

MKU’s advanced body armours are comfortable and easy to wear over a long period of time. It allows freedom of movement, agility and awareness to the soldier and provides optimum protection in extreme conditions and climates. It also integrates seamlessly with the mission-critical equipment required of a modern soldier.

Torso Protection

Body armour is one of the most important protection gears of a soldier. Body Armour is the outermost piece of the protective shield a soldier wears over his torso to avoid lethal injuries to the crucial parts of the body. Today’s combat scenarios demand more agile and flexible armour and that’s why MKU’s body armour is made of high-performance materials in heterogeneous combinations. It broadly comprises an outer carrier, soft armour and hard armour to provide protection against various threats, including handgun ammunition, rifle ammunition, fragments, stab, etc. additionally, critical areas like the groin, neck, shoulders and sides can also be protected with additional ballistic attachments to regular body armour.

Apt for emergency conditions, MKU’s INSTAVEST’s swift and instant body armour series release action helps soldiers in extreme combat and life-threatening situations where immediate doffing of the body armour becomes imperative in order to save one life:

  • wading/swimming in water
  • doffing armour in firing prone position
  • treating critically wounded soldiers
  • narrow ingress & egress points

The specially developed Quick Release System of Instavest immediately divests the vest off the soldier’s body with a single action and complements body reflex.


MKU has always remained abreast of and ahead of the technology curve in armour technology. Understanding various markets and conditions has enabled MKU to develop various advanced solutions to add comfort or enhance the performance levels of its protection solutions.

MKU uses only the best and proven to manufacture its Ballistic Armor like Over vest, Armor Inserts. From inline testing of every batch of raw material to unique processes ensuring unit and panel level traceability, MKU follows processes and procedures that ensure consistent quality.