THIELMANN WEW is a world leader in containerised fuel and water systems for the military and civil defence markets.

Ranging in size from 200L to 50,000L, THIELMANN WEW pressure vessels are approved to transport and store fuel and water across air, land and sea logistics chains worldwide.

THIELMANN WEW’s ISO-based solutions are compatible with US and European palletised load-handling systems and can be transported on 6×6, 8×8, 10×10 logistics vehicles. Low-profile solutions for 4×4 vehicles are also available.

The THIELMANN WEW advantage lies in the company’s engineering excellence. All our container systems are built to meet specific customer requirements, and can be 100% tailored to meet operational envelopes. In addition to building tanks to the highest standards, THIELMANN WEW specialises in complex pumping and preservation for water supply and refuelling of land and rotary / fixed-wing assets.

Water supply tank container 18m³ - NSN: 8145-12-346-8311.
Water supply tank container 16.5m³.
Multi water tank container 10m³ - NSN: 8145-12-346-8311.
US Army water supply tank 'Hippo' 7.6m³ - NSN: 5430-01-487-7760.
Multi fuel tank container 10m³ - NSN: 8145-12-345-8620.

THIELMANN WEW supports these systems through their entire lifecycle (25 years or more), supporting, repairing and maintaining equipment as needed.

Modular fuel systems

THIELMANN WEW’s fuel storage and dispensing systems are available in payloads ranging from 2,000L to 45,000L for transport on low profile 4×4 vehicles up to large 10×10 logistics trucks.

These self-contained fuel systems are fitted with integrated pumping systems, providing all equipment needed to store and dispense fuel as part of a vehicle-mounted transportable solution, including ILHS / DROPS / PLS or as a ‘drop and go’ camp, vehicle and aircraft fuelling solution. The double-shelled self-bunded stainless tanks require no site preparation, fulfil all environmental requirements and are designed to be dispensing fuel within minutes of their arrival on site.

Since 2000, WEW THIELMANN’s fuel solutions have been delivered to German, UK, Belgian, Saudi, Austrian, Lithuanian, Estonian, Slovenian and Irish Armed Forces.

Modular water systems

THIELMANN WEW’s water container solutions are designed to provide potable water for deployed operations, ranging from 2,000L to 40,000L. Tanks can be equipped with on-board filtration / reverse-osmosis, heating, cooling, automatic chlorination, UV radiation and pressure regulating accumulators to provide for the transport, storage and purification of potable water.

Compatible with on-board vehicle cranes, ILHS/PLS/DROPS or forklift handling systems, THIELMANN WEW’s water container systems provide a complete logistics solution for 4×4 vehicle / trailer for deployed operations, right up through medium and heavy vehicle-mounted, to a complete potable water ‘drop and go’ camp installation.

THIELMANN WEW’s water container solutions have been delivered to the US Army, German, Swedish, Belgian, Slovenian, Lithuanian, Irish and UAE Armed Forces.

Hazardous cargo solutions

THIELMANN WEW’s container systems are certified to store and transport more than 1,800 hazardous liquids, toxic gases and dry-powder bulk across logistics chains worldwide. We offer payload ranges between 1,000L and 45,000L and specialise in the supply of bespoke products usually within, but not limited to, an ISO footprint. Our expertise extends to the welding and manipulation of high-value alloys, including Hastelloy and Duplex. Options include heating / cooling, integral pumping, lining and THIELMANN WEW’s patented ‘flask in a tank’ system.

Solutions meet or exceed all regulatory requirements and THIELMANN WEW carries ASME VIII R, U, T, as well as many national-specific certificates such as US DOT, SELO and WHG.