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Security made in Germany

unival group specialises in the development of security systems integrated into military vehicles, including mobile checkpoint vans, X-Ray screening vans, surveillance vehicles command and control vans, and jamming vehicles.

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The future of security is respectful, efficient and highly scalable. At unival group we are providing fully integrated security solutions for industrial, governmental and asset protection.

SECURITY MADE IN GERMANY. As a leading innovator for the fusion of highly specialized security sensors, we are turning security into data thus making operations measurable and scalable. Being a German company, quality and reliability are our credo.

Being a technology company, we believe that only with better technology and customized implementation we will enable innovations that provide better solutions for our clients.

Since more than 20 years we have been supporting our clients in more than 50 countries so far and pride ourselves of long-term partnerships that are built to last. Working at the forefront of digitization we will change the look of security for better.

unival group | ABOUT US

unival group® is a German security innovator, specialised in multi-level security systems.

Headquartered in Bonn, Germany and founded in 2003, we provide customised and comprehensive security solutions for industrial and governmental clients.

Security made in Germany, with proven experience in security and defence for more than 20 years. unival combines the expertise of a manufacturer, a security integrator, OEM, consultant & exclusive distributor for the leading security suppliers. Working in more than 50 countries with more than 200 successfully executed projects has shaped our understanding about real-world requirements and the need to adapt solutions individually.

We provide German quality and dedicated project management, deep expertise and thorough turn-key project execution with leading state-of-the-art security systems that are designed to meet the most demanding requirements. We are proud of our references as well as the goals and accomplishments we have achieved with our work and our partner network.

We are proud of our references as well as the goals and accomplishments we have achieved with our work and our partner network.

One of our main efforts in recent years is the digital transformation of our products and services. Especially since COVID-19 many requirements of digitisation are now also influencing the security and defence industry.

Solution-wise we propose technologies in five main product verticals:

  • Screening, Access and Border Security – Mobile and Fixed Equipment and Complete Integrated Solutions
  • Counter Measures – Digital Wideband Jamming Systems and Drone Jamming
  • Counter Monitoring – Digital RF Monitoring and Signal Classification for Protection against Information Loss
  • Loss Prevention – Security for Industries, Logistic Centers, Military Facilities, Storages, Camps, etc.
  • Software Development – int3grate is our Integration framework for dedicated hardware and software integration. With uniXPASS we provide a dedicated security screening based visitor management platform.

Consequently, the core of our work consists of processing information that needs to be prepared for operational decision-making.

By using artificial intelligence and deep machine learning, this data can be selected and examined for anomalies in real time.

unival group | MISSION STATEMENT

Choosing a partner especially in the security domain is an important decision and needs to be considered well.

In order to provide the relevant information and to create a mutual understanding on business procedures, we take great care to provide meaningful references and documentation to our clients.

In the following, we would like to provide you with the most important information in a condensed form to help you make an easier decision.

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