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Defence Equipment, Complex Combat Systems and Technology Transfer

Yugoimport-SDPR produce and supply equipment and armaments, as well as offering technology transfer capabilities and the construction of defence infrastructure.

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Beograd, Grad Beograd,

lazar III

Yugoimport-SDPR produces and supplies equipment and armaments, as well as offering technology transfer capabilities and the construction of infrastructure to the defence industry.

Yugoimport-SDPR has been successfully building relationships with its business partners, attending to their specific requirements, and providing training, maintenance and overhaul services, as well as spare parts.

The company’s professional approach has made it possible to maintain close relations with a number of companies, mainly from the Far and Middle East.

Development and production of complex combat systems

Yugoimport-SDPR focuses on the development and production of complex combat systems, recently releasing the wheeled gun-howitzer NORA-B/52cal. 155mm with the 52cal. barrel length.

The company has also invested significant funds to improve the business processes of several Serbian defence companies, in order to make jointly market-oriented and technically competitive products and services.

Transfer of defence engineering and technologies

The transfer of defence technologies and the construction of defence infrastructure facilities represent the commercially most important and most complex fields of Yugoimport-SDPR’s activities.

The comapny has taken part in the transfer of technology and construction of factories for small arms production, semi-automatic and automatic rifles, artillery weapons and sighting devices, small arms ammunition, powders and explosives.

The projects were implemented on a turnkey basis, for instance factory designing, construction of facilities and installations, integration of technological equipment, factory commissioning, and provision of technical assistance and personnel training.

In recent years, Yugoimport-SDPR has carried out various technology transfer projects for factories handling explosive material, and large, medium and small calibre ammunition.

Business missions and multimedia presentations

Yugoimport-SDPR has more than 60 years of experience in the international defence market.

Yugoimport-SDPR’s business strategy includes recognising the current and long-term requirements of the armament and defense equipment market and integrating the technological and manpower possibilities of the Serbian defence industry through multimedia presentations of the company’s product range.

Company history

Yugoimport was founded on 27 June 1949, with its primary goal being to import parts, row materials and intermediary goods for the the domestic defence industry. In 1953, Yugoimport startedto export their products.

The period between the 1950s and the end of 1980s is characterised by an intensive in-/indigenous development of a wide range of defence products for all three army services, which had increased the potential offer both in its content and scope.

During the 1980s Yugoimport-SDPR, alongside its business partners, was one of biggest exporters in Yugoslavia, registering billions of dollars of revenue from export in the foreign trade balance of the country.

Milosh Multi-Purpose Armoured Vehicle

Milosh multi-purpose armoured vehicle manufactured by Serbian state-owned defence company, Yugoimport SDPR, was launched at the International Defence Exhibition and Conference (IDEX) held in Abu Dhabi, UAE, in February.

Lazar 3 Multi-Role Armoured Fighting Vehicle

Lazar 3 is the latest addition to the Lazar family of 8x8 multi-purpose armoured fighting vehicles designed and manufactured by Serbian state-owned defence company Yugoimport SDPR.


Bulevar umetnosti 2

Beograd, Grad Beograd