Military Optics for Observation, Aiming, Fire Control Systems, and Bore Sighting

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PHOTONIC develops, produces, and distributes highly specialised optics for combined use on modern infantry weapons.

With high-performance designs and tailor-made adaptations, based on environment and operation conditions, the user benefits from improvements in situation-awareness and hit probability at all ranges of engagement.

Optical instruments for infantry and artillery applications

PHOTONIC's solidly engineered technical solutions are developed with modern tools under the highest demands on quality and economical workflow.

The firm enjoys a strong reputation as a leading manufacturer of quality optic, optronic, opto-electronic, and precise mechanics.

As a member of the WILD Group, PHOTONIC offers cost-effective and value-creating engineering and manufacturing capabilities for prototype manufacturing and serial production.

Fire control systems to measure distances and ranges

PHOTONICs fire control systems are tailor-made solutions that utilise the latest diode-laser technology to measure distances and ranges.

The field shows a big difference between the estimation and the measuring of ranges, which can result in hitting the target or not.

The PHOTONIC fire control systems can be integrated in new weapons or upgrade existing weapon systems. For infantry weapons with distinctive ballistic features the range is the most important data to guarantee improved hit probability.

PHOTONICs modular fire control system, a tailor-made technical solution for man-portable anti-tank weapons, is already in operation on battlefields around the world.

The company's newest fire control systems with a ballistic calculator are the 'LOS' for shoulder launched weapons and the 'SALTS' for 40mm grenade launchers.

Artillery sights / systems for gun laying

In this artillery sights / systems group, all instruments belong to fire control systems to direct or indirect laying of heavy artillery weapons.

These fire control systems combine different components to provide different tasks of the gun laying operation.

According to customer requests, these component characteristics are variable in respect to the used level of modern technology weight and stress load.

Mortar sights / sighting systems

For mid to long-range support weapons, like mortar systems, the operational value is linked with its accuracy.

PHOTONIC products enable the user to operate their crew-served weapon systems (direct or indirect) on the highest level of accuracy.

For every weapon system, from rifle to howitzer, the operational value is individually linked with its accuracy and the accurateness of its sighting system.

Even the simplest iron sight must be in line with the projectile ballistic of the weapon. Reliable, fit for field duty, and easy to handle, the products of PHOTONIC are used to adjust sighting systems on various weapon systems.

Night vision scopes and night vision add-on systems (II-technology)

PHOTONIC's product range of night vision instruments for infantry applications utilise the latest light intensification technology.

This product group includes observation instruments, sights with specialised reticules and mounting brackets for infantry weapon systems, as well as night vision adapters for the combined use with telescopic sights.

PHOTONIC night vision products contain high-performance optical components and the latest image intensification technology.

Telescopic sights for AUG assault rifles

PHOTONIC is the first supplier of optical sights for AUG assault rifles (since 1970). Its wide range of daylight sights for assault rifles brings considerable advantage like target acquisition, shorter training times, and ammunition savings.

The patented design was optimised during years of production.

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Available White Papers


R08 Mortar Sight 19 December 2016 The R08 Mortar Sight is simple and reliable. It can be used for most types of mortars.


NS-VS 1x80 Night Vision Add-on System 14 November 2016 NS-VS 1x80 Night Vision Add-on Systems are desiged for use with scopes for sniper rifles without mean of bore sighting.


Security Technology 03 November 2016 PHOTONIC develops, manufactures and distributes opto-mechatronic products for security technology equipment, as well as universal lighting modules, complete light sources and minor surgical lights.


Sensor Aided Luminescent Targeting System (SALTS) 03 October 2016 Sensor Aided Luminescent Targeting Systems (SALTS) can be used with all small arms equipped with a picatinny rail.


Advanced Fire Control Device for Carl Gustav Systems 22 August 2016 Benefits of the new generation Advanced Fire Control Device for Carl Gustav System include an operational range of up to 2,000m and day and night operation.