19 November

The US Navy has postponed its service-wide fitness tests for the third time as the US witnesses a surge in coronavirus cases. The Navy announced that it would be holding just one Physical Fitness Assessment in 2021, which will be extended to the beginning of March.

Ukrainian military doctors reported 148 new coronavirus cases in the Armed Forces in the last 24 hours. The Command of Medical Forces reported that on November 18. While five service members needed to be hospitalised, the rest of the 143 self-isolated at home as per medical instructions. Approximately 25 Ukrainian personnel have succumbed to the Covid-19 disease since the pandemic hit the country.

Boris Johnson, the UK’s prime minister, is set to announce the largest military spending ever in 30 years, with an additional $5.3bn boost every year for the next four years. The money is expected to fund cyber and space defence projects, including an artificial intelligence agency. The money will also be utilised in creating 40,000 new jobs and bolster its global influence, the government added.