3 December

Digisoft and accesso Technology Group have collaborated with the Irish Defence Forces to develop a wearable Covid-19 tracker to manage disease protocols among its troops. The Defence Forces are currently investigating this approach to Covid-19 risk management along with the technology firms, in its military training and deployment of troops to overseas peacekeeping missions.

In the last week, a US Navy reservist based in Ohio and two Navy civilians passed away as a result of contracting the Covid-19 coronavirus. USNI News reported that the reserve sailor was assigned to the Navy Operational Support Centre (NOSC) at Akron and was not activated when he died at the area hospital.

US Navy Chief of Naval Operations (CNO) Admiral Mike Gilday said military healthcare workers would be the first to be vaccinated with coronavirus vaccines by the Department of Defense (Dod ) when it is approved. Gilday said: “If there’s anything we’re really good at, it’s mass immunisation in the US military,”

Several Covid-19 cases have been reported among Greek military personnel from Ioannina and Tripoli. Approximately 43 personnel tested positive for the coronavirus at the Katsimitrou camp in Ioannina. The infection seems to have been transmitted at a military camp in northwest Greece when some enlisted soldiers reported Covid-19 symptoms.