Throwbot 2 is a throwable micro-robot suitable for reconnaissance missions. Credit: U.S. Air Force photo/Samuel King Jr.
The recorded video is transmitted to operator control unit. Credit: U.S. Air Force photo/Samuel King Jr.
The maximum throwing distance of Throwbot 2 is up to 36m. Credit: U.S. Air Force photo/Samuel King Jr.

Throwbot 2 is a throwable micro-robot system developed by ReconRobotics, a leading producer of tactical micro-robot and personal sensor systems.

The robot is used for recording and transmitting video and audio in indoor and outdoor environments. It can locate objects whether they are armed or injured, and reveal the rooms layout.

The football-sized device helps the base security to evaluate the situation, take informed decisions and perform tasks without causing damage to lives or property.

ReconRobotics unveiled the Throwbot 2 robot at the special operations forces industry conference (SOFIC) held in May 2018. It was also exhibited at the National Sheriff Association’s Annual Show held in New Orleans, US, in June 2018.

Orders and deliveries

The new security robot is being used by the 96th Security Forces Squadron at Eglin Air Force Base, Florida, US. The acquisition plan was considered at an iSpark meeting held in July 2020 while the robot was acquired by the base in the same month of 2020.

The Shelby Township Police Department purchased a Throwbot 2 robot for its tactical response unit to capture audio and video during high-risk situations.

Throwbot 2 robot features

Throwbot 2 has a length of 21.1cm, width of 20.1cm and height of 11.4cm. The total weight of the robot is 0.6kg. The device can be thrown to a distance of up to 36m.

The robot has the capacity to withstand repeated drops onto concrete surface from 30ft height and can crawl over different terrains of up to 2in tall. The water and dust resistant device is capable of performing operations during day and night.

The conversion kits of Throwbot 2 allow the robot to cross obstacles of up to 4in tall or carry payload of up to 1.8kg with the help of integrated mount points.

The infrared illumination system aboard the Throwbot 2 automatically turns on when the ambient light is low. The robot can perform simultaneous operations in the same area with the multiple predetermined frequency configurations.

The robot will also serve as a pole camera when integrated with a reconnaissance search stick which allows the officers to search areas more safely.

Camera and transmission

The robot is equipped with a forward mounted colour camera which allows the operator to view objects in front of the device. During active shooter situation, the operator will have the option to see around corners while clearing a building under danger, locate and identify subjects, confirm presence of hostages, and show layout of the room.

The colour camera captures imagery with a frame rate of 30fps, while the microphone fitted to the robot ensures the recording of audio.

The video and audio can be transmitted through walls, windows and doors to the operator control unit (OCU) II at a distance of up to 45m. The control unit integrates a joystick to guide the device, a video monitor and antennas.

Throwbot 2 accessories

Throwbot 2 can be integrated with a range of equipment based on the customer requirements. The accessories being offered by ReconRobotics include rugged XL conversion kit, carry and tow conversion kit, deluxe conversion kit, audio and video out cabling package, reconnaissance scout search stick, and command monitoring station.

The kit of Throwbot 2 comprises the robot, OCU with lanyard, charger, spare activation plate, tether kit, volume control adapter, hard carrying case and the user manual.


The robot has a maximum operational speed of 0.6m/s. The typical run time is 110 minutes, while the robot can operate for 160 minutes during the observation mode.

The outdoor line of sight (LOS) range and the indoor range of the device are 137m and 45m respectively.