The Super Stallion is an 8x8 High Mobility Vehicle manufactured by Ashok Leyland. Image courtesy of Ashok Leyland.
A close side view of the 8x8 Super Stallion's cabin. Image courtesy of Ashok Leyland.
A Super Stallion 8x8 High Mobility Vehicle (HMV) on display at Defence Expo 2012. Image courtesy of Ashok Leyland.
The Super Stallion 8x8 High Mobility Vehicle (HMV) can operate on different types of terrain. Image courtesy of Ashok Leyland.
Super Stallion HMV is also produced in a 6x6 variant. Image courtesy of Ashok Leyland.

The Super Stallion 8×8 is a logistics heavy duty vehicle developed and produced by Ashok Leyland, a flagship company of Hinduja Group. The vehicle was evolved from the Stallion platform, which is a vital cargo transport truck in the Indian Army’s logistics vehicles fleet.

The indigenously developed 8×8 Super Stallion High Mobility Vehicle (HMV) was introduced in March 2012. The vehicle is configured to offer high mobility and power in highly demanding desert environments.

The vehicle is suitable for a range of applications including command post, troop transport, load carrier, bridge laying equipment, heavy recovery vehicle, and NBC decontamination.

Super Stallion range of vehicles

The Super Stallion range of vehicles consists of three different versions, which are designed to meet the challenging requirements of the armed forces. These variants include the Super Stallion 6×6 HMV, Super Stallion 8×8 HMV, Super Stallion 10×10 HMV, Super Stallion 12×12 HMV, Super Stallion 6×4 HMV, and Super Stallion Field Artillery Tractor (FAT).

The Super Stallion 6×6 HMV is offered with different transmission combinations for use in specialised applications. The FAT variant is intended for carrying field guns and howitzers. It can be optionally fitted with a 10t winch and a crane.

Ashok Leyland was awarded a contract to deliver 81 Super Stallion 10×10 vehicles to the Indian Army, in July 2018.

Super Stallion 8×8 HMV design

Super Stallion 8×8 HMV incorporates a number of updated features over its predecessor to meet India’s defence requirements.

The vehicle houses the engine and crew cab in front with the cargo section at the rear. The cabin is fitted with air-conditioning and bucket seats to provide more comfort for the occupants. It is also equipped with latest parabolic suspension for better ride comfort.

The vehicle carries 2kg fire extinguishers, an optional remote controlled 7.4Mt rear end mounted crane, and a remote controlled 12t side mounted winch. The cabin has an observation hatch and two berth type seats.

The fleet management system (FMS) aboard the vehicle enhances the operational efficiency and fleet readiness by assisting the fleet managers to follow fleet and fuel utilisation and service related issues. It also helps to schedule preventive and remedial maintenance.

The Super Stallion 8×8 has a length of 9.77m, height of 3.29m and a width of 2.5m. With a gross weight of 38t, the vehicle can carry payloads weighing up to 25t. The vehicle can accommodate 20 people in its load or troop carrier configuration.

High mobility vehicle (HMV) weapons and engine

The Super Stallion 8×8 comes with no standard weapon systems. It is installed with brackets for holding weapons of the driver and his associate.

The Super Stallion 8×8 HMV is powered with an indigenously developed Neptune 360 engine coupled to 8S151 gearbox (eight forward and one reverse). The engine develops a power of 360hp (265kW) at 2,200rpm and can generate a torque of 1,400Nm at 1,300rpm to 1,500rpm. The vehicle is also fitted with different transmission and drive-line configurations.

Mobility of India’s Super Stallion 8×8 HMV

The Super Stallion 8×8 vehicle has a maximum speed of 90km/h. The turning radius of the vehicle is 27m. The vehicle has a 400mm ground clearance to run effectively on uneven terrains. It can negotiate a gradient of 30°, while its approach / departure angle is 35°.

The Super Stallion 8×8 is installed with a 19,000kg Hypoid Hub reduction axles. It can be optionally fitted with an inter-axle lock, inter wheel differential lock and central tyre inflation system (CTIS), which allows for the inflation or deflation of tyres even during the movement of the vehicle.

The hub reduction axles provide better ground clearance and grip on different terrains.

The vehicle features a cylinder-assisted power steering. Its suspension system includes front axle only shock absorbers and parabolic suspension at the front, as well as boogie suspension at rear.