HMT Extenda is a high-mobility vehicle developed by Supacat. Image courtesy of Supacat.
HMT Extenda was on display at the 2015 DSEi Exhibition. Image courtesy of Supacat.
HMT Extenda can attain a maximum speed of 120km/h. Image courtesy of Supacat.

HMT Extenda high-mobility vehicle

HMT Extenda is a high-mobility vehicle produced by Supacat to meet the requirements of Special Forces. The vehicle offers superior mobility, protection, payload and firepower, and is available in both 4×4 and 6×6 configurations.

Supacat signed a £23m ($35.8m) contract with the Norwegian Defence Logistic Organisation (NDLO) to deliver a fleet of HMT Extenda high-mobility vehicles, along with a comprehensive through life support package in May 2015. The contract also includes an option for a follow-on order for additional vehicles.

The rolling chassis of the Extenda vehicle are being built in a facility based in Devon, US, while assembly and integration are anticipated to be performed in Norway. Supacat is in discussions with TINEX, a full-service engineering company based in Oslo, to choose it as the preferred partner for the execution of the NDLO vehicle contract.

The first production vehicle is scheduled to be delivered in late-2016 and deliveries will conclude between 2017 and 2019.

The Defence Material Organisation (DMO) placed a $105m contract with Supacat for 89 Special Operations Vehicles – Commando (SOV-Cdo) for the Australian Defence Forces under the JP2097 Ph 1B (REDFIN) programme. The new SOV-Cdo is a derivative of the latest MK2 variant of HMT Extenda.

Design and features of HMT Extenda

HMT Extenda is a unique and versatile platform, which is transformable to a 4×4 or a 6×6 configuration. The self-contained third axle unit can be removed or fitted to make HMT Extenda a 4×4 or 6×6 vehicle. The modular hull of the vehicle also supports the rapid conversion of the platform.

The 4×4 vehicle measures 5.93m-long, 2.05m-wide and 2.44m-high, while the 6×6 variant has a length of 7.04m. The gross vehicle weight of 4×4 and 6×6 variants are 7,600kg and 10,500kg respectively. The 4×4 vehicle can carry a payload of 2,100kg, whereas the payload capacity of the 6×6 version is 3,900kg. The vehicles offer seating for a driver and three passengers.

The vehicle also allows for the integration of weapons, communication, intelligence, surveillance, target acquisition and reconnaissance (ISTAR), and force protection equipment to fit a range of operational roles.

The optional equipment includes run-flat tyres, locking differentials, self-recovery winch, weapon mounts, remote weapons station, smoke grenade launchers, infrared (IR) lights, right hand drive (RHD) or left hand drive (LHD).

Armament and self-protection

The vehicle can be armed with a range of weapon systems including 12.7mm / 7.62mm machine guns and 40mm automatic grenade launchers, and offers space for two crew-operated weapons.

"The vehicle offers superior mobility, protection, payload and firepower, and is available in both 4×4 and 6×6 configurations."

The vehicle is optionally equipped with ballistic and mine blast protection kits, as well as mine blast protected seats to safeguard the crew against ballistic threats. It integrates armour developed in co-operation with Jankel Armouring.

Engine and power

HMT Extenda is powered by a Cummins 6.7L, six-cylinder diesel engine coupled to five-speed automatic transmission. The engine develops a maximum power output of 180hp and torque of 700Nm. The onboard power is supplied by a 24VDC electrical system.

HMT Extenda mobility

The vehicle is available in 2WD / 4WD drive configuration and is equipped with power-assisted steering, independent suspension with air-adjustable ride height, limited slip differentials, 335/80 R20 tyres and brakes integrating air over hydraulic system and anti-lock braking system (ABS). The vehicle offers a maximum ground clearance of 485mm.

HMT Extenda has a maximum speed of 120km/h and maximum road range of 700km for the 4×4 version and 800km for the 6×6 version. The vehicle has an approach / departure angle of 40° and ramp over angle of 150°. It can negotiate a gradient of 60% and side slope of 35°. The fording depth of the vehicle is 1,000mm.