The Jackal 3 High Mobility Truck (HMT 400 series) vehicle is the latest generation of Jackal vehicles being built by Babcock. Credit: Crown copyright.
The Jackal 3 was initially designed as a 4x4 vehicle but can be converted into a 6x6 drive configuration. Credit: Martin Hibberd/
The British Army is already using the Jackal 2 4×4 high mobility carrier. Credit: Martin Hibberd/

The Jackal 3 High Mobility Truck (HMT 400 series) is the latest version of the Jackal vehicles developed by Babcock International Group, a UK-based defence services company, and Supacat, a British manufacturer of military vehicles, for the British Army.

Babcock and Supacat commenced the production of 70 HMT Jackal 3 vehicles in February 2024, as part of the UK’s Land Industrial Strategy, which aims to improve collaboration between the UK Ministry of Defence (MOD) and the industry. It is one of the first contracts to be awarded under the programme.

The British Army is already using the Jackal 2 4×4 high mobility carrier, which is an ideal platform for reconnaissance, rapid assault, fire support and convoy protection.

Jackal vehicles are also used in Denmark, Australia, New Zealand, Norway and Estonia.

Jackal 3 High Mobility Truck development details

In February 2023, Supacat received a £90m ($113.6m) contract from Defence Equipment & Support (DE&S) to deliver 70 High Mobility Truck Variant (HMTV) Mk 2 Extenda platforms, which provide enhanced flexibility to defence as their modular design allows them to function as either a Jackal (L400) or Coyote (L600) vehicle.

Babcock was awarded a single source sub-contract by Supacat, the prime contractor, to manufacture 62 vehicles by April 2024 at its facility located in Devonport, Plymouth, UK.

Supacat will manufacture the remaining eight vehicles during the same timeframe at its facilities in Dunkeswell.

The contract has the potential to produce up to 240 light armoured vehicles, depending on operational requirements.

Jackal 3 (HMT 400s) design and features

The Jackal 3 is 5.79m long and 2.05m wide with a maximum and minimum height of 1.88m and 2.44m respectively. The track is 1.7m long, while the wheelbase is 3m.

The gross vehicle weight is 7,600kg. Its kerb weight (with fuel and armour) is 5,500kg and its payload capacity is 2,100kg. The vehicle’s speed is 120km/h.

The vehicle’s maximum road range is 800km, fording is 1m, gradient is 60% and side slope is 35°. It has a turning circle (kerb to kerb) of 13.5m and fuel capacity of 200l.

The maximum and minimum ground clearances are 4.85m and 1.8m respectively, while the approach and departure angles are 40° and the ramp over angle is 150°.

The Jackal 3 is being procured as a 4×4 vehicle, but it can be converted into a six-wheel drive vehicle due to its new suspension system, effectively doubling its load-carrying capacity.

The vehicle will be less detectable and offer improved electromagnetic compatibility along with better rollover protection for the crew.

The vehicles will be equipped with Venta’s Predator Series military infrared driving light, military infrared rear light and SDI6 Category 6 side direction indicator.

Optional additions for the vehicle include run-flat tyres, locking differentials, a self-recovery winch, weapon mounts, a remote weapons station, smoke grenade launchers and the choice of a right-hand drive or left-hand drive.

Innovation and technology have been seamlessly integrated into every step of the production process, leveraging the power of custom-built Pulse software to enhance efficiency during vehicle assembly.


The Jackal 3 vehicle offers a range of mission-specific load beds, including options for weapons, communications, and intelligence, surveillance, target acquisition and reconnaissance equipment.

The vehicle will be equipped with ISTEC [a specialist military equipment designer and manufacturer] gun mounts, which enable the vehicle to be fitted with general-purpose machine guns and heavy machine guns.

Additionally, it can be equipped with an optional mine blast and ballistic protection kit for enhanced safety.


The Jackal 3’s Cummins 6.7L, 6-cylinder diesel engine delivers 180hp of power and 700 Newton metres of torque. It is paired with Allison Transmission’s 2500 Specialty Series fully automatic transmission.

The braking system utilises an air-over hydraulic system with an anti-lock braking system for enhanced safety and the electrical system operates on a 24v DC power supply.

Contractors involved

ISTEC is supplying gun mounts for the new vehicles.

Allison Transmission, a conventional and electrified vehicle propulsion solutions provider, was contracted to supply 70 2500 SP fully-automatic transmissions for the vehicles in September 2023.

Mitchell Powersystems, Allison’s channel partner, is tasked with the preparation and provision of the automatic transmissions.

Venta, a vehicle lighting supplier, was contracted to deliver lighting for the Jackal 3 vehicles in July 2023.