Coyote / Jackal 2 Tactical Support Vehicles

One of the latest additions to the armoured vehicle fleet of the British Army will be a category of vehicle called the t


Jackal 2 is a 4x4 and the Coyote is a TSV based on a 6x6 chassis


Jackal 2: 5.39m
Coyote: longer chassis than the Jackal 2






Coyote Jackal 2 tactical support vehicles

The Tactical Support Vehicle (TSV) family includes the 4×4 Jackal and the 6×6 Coyote

The British Army has added a category of vehicle to the armoured vehicle fleet called the tactical support vehicle (TSV). 400 TSVs were ordered in October 2008 as part of the $700m protected patrol vehicles package. The new TSVs will be used to accompany patrols, and also to transport supplies such as ammunition and water.

The three types of vehicle include the Wolfhound – a heavy armoured support vehicle to support and supply the new Mastiff with heavy mine protection (force protection), the Husky – a medium armoured truck to carry out support in less threatened areas (Navistar Defense and Dytecna Ltd), and the Coyote – a light armoured support vehicle to support the new Jackal 2.

The Wolfhound TSV (heavy) and the Coyote TSV (light) will be produced as one variant, which is a utility flatbed vehicle that will be used to transport combat supplies. The Husky TSV (medium) will be produced as three variants; utility vehicle, ambulance with enhanced protection and command post vehicle.

Jackal 2 tactical support vehicle weapons platform

The Jackal is a high-mobility weapons platform patrol and reconnaissance vehicle produced by Supacat of Honiton, which is responsible for the design and programme management, and also Babcock Marine subsidiary Devonport Management Ltd, which will manufacture the vehicles at its Devonport facility.

“Coyote is a light armoured support vehicle to support the new Jackal 2.”

Component suppliers include Allison (transmission), Cummins (engine), Frazer-Nash systems engineering consultancy and Universal Engineering (chassis).

The Jackal 2 has been designed to a high specification to protect personnel against roadside explosions and mine attack (the chassis on the new version is heavier to give additional protection but there is still room for improvement).

The vehicle also has a special air-bag suspension system that allows rapid movement of the vehicle across varying terrain.

The vehicle is expected to be used for reconnaissance, rapid assault, fire support and convoy protection. The vehicle will have a crew of two plus one and a range of 800km. General armament will include a 7.62mm general-purpose machine gun (GPMG) and either a .50-calibre heavy machine gun (HMG) or grenade machine gun (GMG) as the main weapon system. The gun ring weapons support on the new Jackal 2 has now been moved forward to give a 360° sweep of fire, whereas the field of fire on the original jackal was limited to rear fire.

The 6,650kg vehicle is 5.39m long, 1.97m tall and 2.00m wide. The propulsion system for the Jackal 2 will be a 6.7l diesel Cummins ISRe Euro 3 allowing a top speed of 80mph (129km/h) on paved roads and 55mph (89km/h) over rough terrain.

The blast protection and the small arms fire protection of the new Jackal 2 has been enhanced with new blast shields under the driver and navigator cockpit, which also have seats protected by side and back armour. Jackal 2 also has enhanced capability to carry additional fuel jerry cans and equipment bergens (backpacks) at the back of the vehicle. The Jackal 2 can be converted to a 6×4 by the addition of an extenda module with a further axle (the module fully integrates fuel and braking systems). This will give extra capacity but is only a halfway house compared to the purpose-built Coyote.

“400 TSVs were ordered in October 2008 as part of the $700m protected patrol vehicles package.”

Coyote tactical support vehicle

The Coyote tactical support vehicle (TSV light) is based on the HMT 600 6×6 chassis from Supacat and will be a larger derivative of the Jackal 2. The extra two wheels will give a heavier vehicle approaching 10,500kg which will act in support of the Jackal 2 and allow transportation of supplies and equipment over similar terrain (the payload for supplies and equipment will be 1.5t).

The Coyote will carry an extra crew member than the Jackal 2, but will have similar protection systems, armament and propulsion.

Supacat and Babcock are expected to deliver 110 Jackal 2s and 70 Coyote TSVs in a £74m package by summer 2009. It is likely that these new vehicles will see service in Afghanistan by the end of 2009.

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