The 4x4 Utility Baserunner vehicle is designed by Textron Marine & Land Systems. Image courtesy of Textron Systems.
The Utility Baserunner vehicle was introduced during the IDEX 2013 exhibition. Image courtesy of Textron Systems.
The Baserunner vehicle can carry a maximum load of 800lb.


Baserunner is a 4×4 selectable gas / electric hybrid utility vehicle developed by Textron Marine & Land Systems. A member of COMMANDO Utility vehicle line, it is designed to support unique mission needs and can be deployed in both front line and rear echelon operational theatres.

The Baserunner vehicle was introduced during the International Defence Exhibition and Conference (IDEX), held in Abu Dhabi, UAE, in February 2013.

The COMMANDO utility vehicle line also includes the Survivable Combat Tactical Vehicle (SCTV) system. It is part of the COMMANDO family of four-wheeled armoured vehicles, which also includes Commando Select, COMMANDO Advanced and COMMANDO Elite.

Baserunner vehicle design and features

The Baserunner COMMANDO utility vehicle features tubular steel operator protective structure (OPS). It offers superior safety and reliability in wide spectrum of missions.

"The Baserunner vehicle was introduced during the International Defence Exhibition and Conference (IDEX), held in Abu Dhabi, UAE, in February 2013."

The forward compartment accommodates two personnel in bucket seats, whereas the rear section is fitted with aluminium dump bed for the carriage of cargo. The vehicle measures 2.93m-long, 1.92m-high and 1.33m-wide overall. It has a gross vehicle weight of 771kg and a cargo bed volume of 9.6ft³. It can carry a maximum load of 363kg (800lb) and a cargo bed payload of 227kg (500lb), and has a towing capacity of 500lb.

The vehicle can operate in gas or hybrid electric modes and can traverse rough terrains under difficult conditions when powered by gas propulsion system. It also features electric drive to ensure quiet operation.

The Baserunner can be equipped with front brush guard, headlights, taillights, LED light package, Desert Tan paint package and winch kit.

Protection features

The COMMANDO family of vehicles offers mine-resistant ambush protected (MRAP) level of protection. Its blast protection seats with three-point seat belts offer enhanced protection for occupants against explosions. The vehicle also integrates side safety nets.

Hybrid power train

The rear axle of the Baserunner vehicle is powered by a four-cycle, 480cc V-Twin OHV engine, which generates a power output of 16hp. It also features a 12V maintenance-free accessory outlet with USB port and an electrical starter / generator system with solid-state regulator.

The SCTV system is an integrated armoured vehicle developed jointly by Textron Marine & Land Systems and Granite Tactical Vehicles.

The vehicle is fitted with helical gear differentials with manual lock. The forward and reverse differential ratios are 13.32:1 and 14.01:1, respectively.

A 48V heavy-duty DC motor system, installed to power the front axle, generates a power output of 20.6hp at peak torque. The motor is powered by four 12V heavy-duty deep cycle batteries. The power train has a differential ratio of 12.44:1 and also includes a 300A control system and a 48V off-board charger.


The Baserunner COMMANDO utility vehicle is equipped with 25×10-12 uni-directional run flat, Kevlar-belted tires, which offer superior mobility in rough terrain conditions. A rack and pinion steering is fitted on the left side of the vehicle.

The Baserunner also features four-wheel hydraulic service brakes and a hand-actuated parking brake. Its wheels are installed with disc brakes, while the rear wheels are provided with drum brakes.

The independent front suspension is of MacPherson strut type whereas the rear suspension consists of leaf springs with hydraulic shock absorbers, providing a ground clearance of 19cm. The vehicle can attain a maximum speed of 25mph.

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