Aleksandar is a new self-propelled artillery system developed by Yugoimports. Image courtesy of Srđan Popović.
Aleksandar artillery system was unveiled at the defence exhibition Partner 2017. Image courtesy of Srđan Popović.
The length and height of the artillery system are 11.4m and 3.85m respectively. Image courtesy of Srđan Popović.
The weapon system has a maximum firing rate of six rounds a minute. Image courtesy of Srđan Popović.

Aleksandar is a new 155mm self-propelled artillery weapon system designed and developed by Serbian defence products manufacturing company Yugoimport SDPR.

The artillery system was officially launched at the Partner 2017 international armament exhibition held at Belgrade, Serbia, in June 2017. It was later exhibited during the Defense and Security Thailand 2017 in November.

Alexander was also showcased alongside the Shumadia Multiple Launch Rocket System (MLRS) at the Eurosatory 2018, held in Paris, in June 2018.

The artillery system is currently undergoing firing trials and technical evaluations. The design configuration of Aleksandar enables operators to deploy it easily to the mission locations by military aircraft or rail.

Aleksandar self-propelled artillery system design and development

The Aleksander weapon system is based on a reinforced KAMAZ 8×8 wheeled chassis. The forward tilting cab structure of the truck is fitted with a door on either side. The armoured cabin houses three crew members and is fitted with a large windshield, which offers a clear view of the surroundings.

The rear end of the vehicle integrates a 155mm weapon module and a fully automatic loading system behind the main gun. The weapon module can fire all types of standard and special 155mm NATO standard ammunition.

The weapon system has a length, height and width of 11.4m, 3.85m and 2.6m respectively. It has a high ground clearance of 385mm, and a track width of 2,050mm.

Armament of Aleksandar self-propelled artillery system

The weapon module can fire 155mm/52mm calibre projectiles to a maximum range of 25km. The multiple round simultaneous impact (MRSI) capability of the weapon enables it to fire up to four projectiles. The maximum rate of fire of the weapon system is six rounds a minute.

“The Aleksander weapon system is based on a reinforced KAMAZ 8×8 wheeled chassis.”

The Aleksandar can destroy enemy fortifications within the maximum firing range of 32.5km, with the standard ammunition. The maximum firing range can be extended up to 52km with the use of advanced artillery systems such as the 155mm HE ERFB RA/BB very long-range artillery projectiles (VLAP).

The vehicle is also fitted with four hydraulic trails, which ensure firing in both directions, making it a unique artillery weapon.

The Aleksandar artillery system is equipped with a storage container, which can store 12 rounds of additional ammunition. The automatic loading system reloads the weapon with the ammunition in the storage container.

The automatic fire control system (AFCS) machinery in the weapon system is integrated with the sensor head for direct fire and the muzzle velocity-measuring radar.

Aleksandar self-propelled artillery variants

The weapon system will be available in two different configurations. The first variant with a standard 23l chamber is designed to comply with the standards of Joint Ballistic Memorandum of Understanding (JBMoU).

The total volume of the chamber aboard the second variant of the weapon system is 25l. The enhanced chamber range enables the variant to destroy targets at longer distances. The variant offers extended range and more fire power compared to the first variant.

Engine and mobility

The 8×8 vehicle of the artillery system is powered by a 400hp supercharged diesel engine. The vehicle can run at a maximum road speed of 90km/h and attain a maximum range of 500km.

It can cross trenches up to 1,600mm-wide and is capable of fording water obstacles with a depth of 1,100mm.