The US Army Aeromedical Research Laboratory (USAARL) has signed a cooperative research and development (R&D) agreement with EyeTracking to monitor health conditions of military personnel during missions.

Based in San Diego, EyeTracking specialises in eye-tracking technology to determine human performance.

The company’s systems follow eye and pupil movements to monitor users’ attention and measure their cognitive workload and cognitive state. This information may help in qualifying human performance in real time.

Under the collaboration, the USAARL will use EyeTracking’s PilotReady software to deliver real-time systems that can monitor the health and safety of military personnel during missions.

The software will be modified to meet necessary requirements, followed by laboratory studies and flight tests, with military aircraft and personnel.

The USAARL seeks to use the software to support Army aviation personnel health during operations. This includes monitoring physiological and psychological health, and performance status, under operational conditions.

The initiative will also support the Military Operational Medicine Research Programs and Future Vertical Lift, a project that involves building new generation of military helicopters.

EyeTracking president James Weatherhead said: “We are thrilled to partner with the US Army Aeromedical Research Laboratory to support aviator health and safety, and mission effectiveness.

“Our solutions equip instructors with the data they need to enhance training today, as well as host a range of deep technical capabilities to develop integrated and automated training solutions for the future.”

Last year, the USAARL announced that it had completed a flight test of Vita Inclinata’s load stability system litter attachment (LSS-LA).