The US and Jordan have commenced the Eager Lion multinational military training exercise at the King Abdullah II Special Operations Training Center in Jordan.

Exercise Eager Lion 2019 (EL19) involves more than 8,000 troops from 30 participating countries.

This is the ninth iteration of the exercise, which is regarded as the region’s largest training exercise.

EL19 will focus on interoperability on land, in the air and sea among the nations taking part in the exercise.

US Central Command exercises director airforce major general Bradley Swanson said: “Conducting such a large and complex security event demonstrates our commitment to partnerships and maintaining a ready and responsive joint force operating in a complex environment where there are no easy victories or quick wins.”

During the exercise, the forces will train in scenarios focused on regional security challenges at the operational level.

The scenarios are designed to enable multilateral training ‘in a low-threat but demanding environment’.

This year’s exercise will involve a global strike mission and a combined land exercise.

Swanson added: “We’ve developed new ideas and scenarios to improve participating nations’ ability to outsmart and outmanoeuvre our near-peer adversaries, particularly in the areas of counter unmanned aerial vehicles, cybersecurity and expanded roles from elements of Jordan’s Quick Reaction Force, which includes the female engagement team and British paratroopers.”

The US contingent consists of around 3,700 personnel.

The countries will be able to share tactics, techniques and procedures used on the battlefield.

EL19 will also test capabilities to organise and operate in a multilateral operating environment.

Eager Lion co-director Jordan Armed Forces brigadier general Mohammad Al-Thalji said: “Joint efforts, coordination and the exchange of expertise here help us to meet threats regionally and globally.

“It is only through cooperation that we will be ready for operational challenges and remain ever vigilant.”

Jordan is a key partner of the central command in the Levant sub-region.