General Dynamics Land Systems (GDLS) delivered 300 Stryker DVHA1 armoured fighting vehicles to the US Army on 26 June – the latest and most technologically advanced variant designed in co-operation with the Army.

This latest order, valued at $712.3m, comes under a five-year contract signed in 2020 and includes an option for a sixth year.

The Army is pursuing enhanced survivability and capability in its Stryker brigades with the DVHA1 variant, which has increase gross vehicle weight capability from 55k to 60k pounds; improved power pack thermal management with additional environmental conditioning; Smart displays for driver’s and commander’s stations and upgraded ethernet and a smart power management system among other things.

“The Stryker A1 features a 450-horsepower engine, 60,000-pound suspension, 910-amp alternator and in-vehicle digital network while continuing to provide unprecedented soldier survivability.

“We are proud that our innovation, research, development and investment have evolved the Stryker into a next-generation platform for Stryker Brigade Combat Team formations and beyond,” Gordon Stein, vice president of US operations at GDLS stated.

Stryker donations to Ukraine

Gordon also pointed out that the “Stryker is the Army’s largest combat vehicle fleet – combat-proven, cost-effective, highly mobile, versatile, sustainable and transportable.” This demonstrates the reliability of the armoured fighting vehicle.

Lately, the US has donated 25 Strykers as part of its military assistance package to Ukraine, with a sum total of $500m, on 27 June. This package includes 30 Bradley fighting vehicles, PATRIOT air defence muntions, HIMARS ammunition among many other things.

The US has now spent more than $41.2bn in military donations to Ukraine – including 125 Stryker armoured personnel carriers.

The personnel carrier will provide critical support for the Ukrainian Army’s decisive counter-offensive, providing protection, armaments and tactical mobility in the country’s attempt to repel invading Russian forces in the south and east of Ukraine.