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The US is reportedly planning to send an additional $750m worth of military aid to help Ukraine to defend against the ongoing Russian aggression.

The official announcement is expected to be made soon, Reuters reported, quoting two US officials.

The final combination of armaments is being finalised, one of the officials told the news agency.

It is expected to include heavy ground artillery systems, among other defence materiel.

The allotment is expected to be made using the Presidential Drawdown Authority that enables the US President to authorise the transfer of weaponry to other nations, from existing US Department of Defense (Dod ) inventories, under special circumstances.

The US has increased military support for Ukraine after Russia launched a ‘military operation’ on the country.

Last week, the US said that it will send additional Javelin anti-armour systems using a portion of the $100m presidential drawdown. The Javelin missiles can destroy tanks, armoured vehicles, and military trucks.

Since Russia invaded Ukraine in February, the US has provided more than $1.7bn in security assistance to the embattled nation.

US President Joe Biden and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson recently discussed stepping up military assistance for Ukraine.

The Pentagon is set to discuss Ukraine’s military requirements with the top eight weapons manufacturers in the US.

Two people familiar with the development told Reuters that the defence officials will discuss the industrial capacity of the weaponry sector with the company leaders, in case the ongoing conflict continues on for years.