Maintenance support equipment provider SAFE Structure Designs has secured a contract to deliver custom ergonomic work platforms for a fleet of US Army UH-60 helicopters at the Yuma Proving Grounds in Tucson, Arizona.

As agreed, the company will deliver SAFETY FIRST ergonomic stands particularly designed to enable technicians to reach all areas of the helicopter for maintenance work.

The stands can be fitted with the UH-60 helicopter and provide access to the main rotor, engine, transmission, flight controls, tail boom, drive shafts and tail rotor.

SAFE CEO Johnny Buscema said: “We are proud to supply the US Army with more UH-60 maintenance support equipment that fit their unique challenges.

“There are no other stands on the market as effective and efficient as our custom designs. This support equipment is designed to provide personnel with safe and efficient access for all maintenance. We have provided similar custom support equipment for a wide range of helicopters and aeroplanes in both the civilian and military sector.”

Developed by Sikorsky, the UH-60 Black Hawk is a multi-mission helicopter that has been operational in the US Army since 1978.

The helicopter is primarily used for carrying troops and as a logistical support aircraft. However, it can be modified to carry out medical evacuation, command and control, search and rescue, armed escort, electronic warfare, and executive transport missions.

The UH-60 has been used in various combat missions, including operations in Afghanistan and Iraq.