The Russian military forces have been carrying out ’round-the-clock’ exercises to position its new S-300V anti-ballistic missile defence system, reported Reuters, citing Russian news agency Interfax’s report.

According to the report, the Ministry of Defense (MoD) of The Russian Federation claimed that this positioning work is being carried out by the troops to repel any potential enemy air strike incidents, including the missile attacks from Ukrainian Armed Forces.

The deployed crew members were claimed to be ‘mastering new position areas’ of Russia’s new long range surface-to-air S-300V missile system.

“The air defence units of the Western Military District continue to serve in the new position areas on combat duty around the clock,” Russian MoD told Interfax.

The Western Military District is Russia’s one of the five military districts that mainly cover the Kaliningrad exclave as well as the regions bordering Ukraine, such as Belgorod and Bryansk areas.

The news agency reported that Russia’s new S-300V system can track a target at a maximum distance of around 204km, at an altitude of nearly 30km.

Meanwhile, on 27 December, Russian troops also conducted similar training on changing positions for the Buk anti-aircraft missile defence system in the Primorsky Territory.

The associated Eastern Military District crews carried out planned calculations to rightly position the defence system to repel potential enemy air attack on the military infrastructure.

The Buk air defence system crew also conducted training by launching and destroying simulated air targets.

Earlier this year, Russia conducted a joint military exercise with Belarus, amid the ongoing war with Ukraine.