Rheinmetall MAN Military Vehicles (RMMV) has received a contract from the German Bundeswehr to deliver 252 unprotected transport vehicles.

The nearly €92m order is part of a framework agreement Rheinmetall reached in July 2017 to supply more than 2,200 trucks to the German military.

Under the latest contract, Rheinmetall will provide 161 5t trucks and 91 15t trucks.

RMMV is expected to build and deliver the military vehicles by the end of this year. The company will start building the 252 trucks immediately after completion of the first lot of 558 vehicles, which were ordered at the time of contract signing.

Vehicles under the first lot are anticipated to be delivered to the army in the coming months.

The project to procure the vehicles is part of Bundeswehr’s initiative to modernise its fleet of logistic vehicles.

The acquisition of 2,271 RMMV HX2 family vehicles is estimated to cost about €900m. The contract will run for seven years and include special tools and training services.

RMMV will assemble the trucks at its plant in Vienna. The new vehicles will replace the ageing MAN-made KAT I generation of trucks, which includes some vehicles that became operational forty years ago.

In a statement, Rheinmetall said: “In undertaking this large-scale project, the Düsseldorf-based group for mobility and security solutions is making a major contribution to modernising the Bundeswehr’s fleet of trucks, which numbers in the thousands.

“The project to procure the vehicles is part of Bundeswehr’s initiative to modernise its fleet of logistic vehicles.”

“Particularly when it comes to multinational operations, the widespread global presence of RMMV vehicles results in major advantages with respect to interoperability and logistics.”

The company also supplies vehicles to the armed forces of the UK, Australia, New Zealand and Denmark.

Around 10,000 HX2 vehicles are said to be in service around the globe. Norway and Sweden are the recent additions to the list of countries ordering military trucks from Rheinmetall.

Furthermore, Rheinmetall is under contract to modernise 38 Boxer multipurpose armoured transport vehicles for the Bundeswehr.