Rheinmetall has confirmed the delivery of the first Lynx KF41 infantry fighting vehicle (IFV) to the Hungarian Defence Forces (HDF).   

Hungary is now claimed to be the first Nato and EU member nation to be armed with the Lynx modular medium weight combat system.

The delivery comes two years after the Hungarian Ministry of Defence awarded a €2bn contract to Rheinmetall to produce the IFVs.

The contract also requires the company to offer services, including simulators, training, initial supply of spare parts and maintenance.  

The Lynx IFV features a manned 30mm Lance turret and StrikeShield, an integrated active protection system.

The vehicle claims to offer increased survivability, mobility as well as lethality to the troops.

Further, it provides layered protection to its occupants from various threats including explosions, improvised explosive devices, direct and indirect fire, and cluster munitions.

The modular feature of the vehicle will enable smooth integration of upgraded mission equipment.  

According to Rheinmetall, Lynx is set to become the “backbone of Hungary’s mechanised infantry forces”.

The company will deliver the Lynx KF41 to the HDF in seven variants that include standard IFVs, command post, reconnaissance, joint fire observer, mortar carrier, field ambulance vehicles and driver training vehicles.

While a first batch of 46 Lynx IFVs will be delivered from Rheinmetall’s facilities in Germany, the company will start supplying the remaining vehicles from its Hungarian unit by end of 2023.

Rheinmetall CEO Armin Papperger said: “This is an important milestone. Lynx is the most versatile fighting vehicle of its class.

“In making this forward-looking procurement decision, Hungary’s top political and military officials have demonstrated leadership in moving Hungary at the forefront of European army technology and underlining the Hungarian government’s commitment as a reliable partner of its Nato allies, a policy which it is pursuing with systematic energy.”