The Spanish government has a deal with Rheinmetall, the German defence conglomerate, to procure more than 100,000 mortar rounds.

The deal is valued in the high double-digit million euro range.

Spain initiated the tender to acquire 155mm artillery ammunition in January 2024, and requiring a fast turnaround. The ammunition aims to replenish stocks for two weapons systems utilised by the Spanish Army: the M109A5 self-propelled artillery platform and the Santa Bárbara Sistemas 155/52 howitzer. 

According to GlobalData’s global artillery systems market report, the global market for mortar systems was valued at $334m in 2023 and is anticipated to grow at a CAGR of 3.7% over the forecast period to reach $480m by 2033. 

The agreement, sealed in the first quarter of 2024, marks the second framework contract between Rheinmetall and the Spanish government, with provisions for a potential extension over the next two years. By the end of 2025, Rheinmetall is contracted to deliver a diverse array of mortar rounds, ranging from 60mm to 120mm calibre, tailored to meet the operational requirements of Spain’s infantry units.

The rounds acquired will encompass various configurations, including high explosive, smoke, and illumination variants, with ranges from 2.59 km to 8.25 km, depending on the calibre and mortar system.

Rheinmetall’s mortar ammunition’s features include extended range, precision, and optimised target effectiveness. They are designed to empower military forces to engage targets in challenging environments, such as rugged terrain and urban landscapes.

The latest contract reinforces Rheinmetall’s stature as a steep-fire systems supplier, further solidifying its partnership with the Spanish military. This closely follows Rheinmetall’s recent success in securing a contract worth more than €200m to supply 155mm artillery ammunition to the Spanish Army.

Rheinmetall has been ramping up its ammunition production capacity through two initiatives. Firstly, the company is expanding its ammunition plant in Várpalota, Hungary, to include production lines for 155mm shells and 120mm ammunition, addressing the shortage of such munitions in Europe. 

Concurrently, Rheinmetall has announced a joint venture with a Ukrainian partner to establish the ‘Ukrainian Competence Centre for Ammunition’, aimed at producing 155mm calibre bullets domestically in Ukraine.