The US Army has awarded a $624m contract to Raytheon Missiles & Defense to procure 1,300 Stinger missiles to restock armaments supplied to war-hit Ukraine.

The funding will be used to increase missile production and replace obsolete components with advanced ones. Engineering support will also be provided by the company as part of the contract.

The latest deal is being funded through the Ukraine Supplemental to ensure continued security, economic, and humanitarian assistance to Ukrainians facing Russian aggression.

Raytheon Missiles & Defense president Wes Kremer said: “We’re aligned with the US Army on a plan that ensures we fulfil our current foreign military sale order while replenishing Stingers provided to Ukraine and accelerating production.

“The funding will be used to enhance Stinger’s producibility in an effort to meet the urgent need for replenishment.”

As part of its commitment to arm Ukraine with advanced weapon systems to counter Russian forces, the US has, so far, sent shipments worth more than $3.9bn. These have included howitzers, anti-aircraft Stingers, anti-tank Javelin missiles, ammunition, and drones.

Earlier this month, the Additional Ukraine Supplemental Appropriations Act, 2022 bill was signed. It provides $40bn in emergency funding to support the Ukrainian people.

Approximately $9.05bn has been allocated to replenish US stocks of equipment sent to Ukraine through drawdown authority.

A shoulder-fired, lightweight air defence system, the Stinger missile is known for its agility, supersonic speed, and accurate guidance.

In May 2019, Raytheon completed technical testing during the US Army’s Lower Tier Air and Missile Defense Sensor (LTAMDS) sense-off, proving the company’s readiness to deliver mission-critical capabilities to the US Army.