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The US Army has taken delivery of the 300th CH-47F Chinook multimission helicopter from Boeing.

Delivered 75 days ahead of schedule, the heavy-lift, high-altitude helicopter features an upgraded airframe, advanced cargo handling capabilities and a common avionics architecture system (CAAS) cockpit that improves crew situational awareness.

In addition, it is fitted with a BAE Systems-built digital automatic flight control system, which provides enhanced flight-control capabilities for the multitude of conditions in which the helicopter is used.

US Army Office of the Project Manager, Cargo Helicopters 47F product manager lieutenant colonel Michael Hauenstein said: "This marks another benchmark for the CH-47F programme.

"More importantly, we have met this benchmark ahead of schedule, within cost, and produced an aircraft that performs as required worldwide."

Boeing Cargo Helicopters vice-president and H-47 programme manager Steve Parker said: "The Chinook provides a lifeline to soldiers.

"The efficiency we have demonstrated is keeping the Chinook a highly relevant US Army asset, today and into the future."

"This marks another benchmark for the CH-47F programme."

Powered by Honeywell T55-GA-714A engines, the CH-47F Chinook is an upgraded version of the D model, and is used for military, humanitarian, disaster relief, search and rescue, and fire-fighting operations.

The helicopter has an upgraded airframe, featuring greater single-piece construction for lower maintenance requirements. It can fly at speeds of more than 175mph, with a payload of more than 21,000lb.

Chinooks are also used by the UK and Australian armies, as well as the Royal Canadian Air Force.

Since the roll out of the first CH-47F Chinook in June 2006, the US Army has trained and equipped a total of 18 army and National Guard units with the aircraft.

Image: US Army and CH-47 teams mark the delivery of the 300th CH-47F Chinook to the US Army at the Ridley Park facility, US. Photo: courtesy of Boeing.

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