Ukraine APCs

Ukraine’s state enterprise Ukroboronprom is preparing to deliver approximately 100 armoured personnel carriers (APCs) to ten military units of the National Guard of Ukraine.

The Kharkiv Morozov Machne-Building Design Bureau (KMDB) is set to supply a total of 58 of the BTR-4 family APCs, including 41 BTR-4E vehicles, seven BTR-4K commander vehicles, two BTR-4KSh command and staff vehicles, and eight BMM-4S recovery vehicles.

These reportedly have a high level of mobility, powerful weaponry, a perfect fire control system and modern level of armoured protection.

In addition, Ukroboronprom’s Concern enterprises will supply 16 APCs of different types to the National Guard.

The Kyiv Armoured Plant is set to hand over five new BTR-3E and five BTR-80 vehicles, while Zhytomyr Armoured Fighting Vehicle Plant and Mykolayiv Armoured Plant will supply five repaired BTR-80s and one BTR-70DI vehicle respectively.

Ukroboronprom temporary acting director Yuriy Tereshenko said that the vehicles will significantly enhance the combat capabilities of the National Guard units.

"The vehicles will significantly enhance the combat capabilities of the National Guard units."

Tereshenko added that the company will do its best to improve the combat readiness of the Ukrainian Armed Forces and other state military formations.

Last month the state-owned defence giant stopped weapons and military equipment supplies to Russia, after its annexation of the Crimean peninsula from Ukraine.

Tereshenko, who was appointed to lead the enterprise on 24 March, said the company will not supply armaments to the Russian armed forces ‘until the conflict de-escalates’, Defense news reports.

"Yes, we will incur economic losses, but is it reasonable to equip the enemy’s army?" Tereshenko said.

Image: Ukroboronprom will supply 100 armoured personnel carriers to ten Ukrainian National Guard units. Photo: courtesy of Ukroboronprom.

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