French Army NH90 Caiman

Sogitec Industries has awarded a contract to Simthetiq for the production of a wide range of visual three dimensional (3D) military and civilian models of the French Army and Navy’s NH90 helicopter simulators.

The undisclosed contract covers development of 3D models of NH90 full flight simulator (FFS) and medium-range training devices (MRTDs), as well as future simulation and training programmes.

Additional responsibilities under the contract include the production of naval and air entity 3D models of helicopters, fighters, ships and submarines, apart from a few ground vehicles.

The company will integrate specific features and options, such as navigational, formation and obstruction light points within each vehicle model, in an effort to fulfil the tactical mission training requirements of the French military.

"The army and navy use NH90 tactical transport helicopter (TTH) and NH90 Nato frigate helicopter (NFH) variants respectively."

Features include multiple levels of detail (LODs), authentic texture schemes, precise material codes, distinct damage states and accurate thermal signatures to help augment realism and functionality of simulators, whereas additional options will boost the system’s day and night training scenario capabilities.

Sogitec was contracted by the Nato Helicopter Management Agency (NAHEMA) in March 2012, for the production and supply of NH90 FFS and five MRTDs to French military.

Deliveries are scheduled to commence in the second half of 2013 and will run through to 2015.

Sogitec marketing and external communications manager Xavier Dissoubray was quoted by Defense News as saying that the FFS and three MRTDs will be used by the French Army’s Light Aviation Training School, while the remaining two will be handed over to naval air stations in Hyeres and Lanveoc-Poulmic in Brittany, France.

The army and navy use NH90 tactical transport helicopter (TTH) and NH90 Nato frigate helicopter (NFH) variants respectively.

Built by NH Industries, the NH90 TTH is designed to perform logistics and utility transport, combat search and rescue and airborne operations, while the NFH is capable of conducting autonomous, as well as anti-submarine and anti-surface warfare missions, including search and rescue, maritime patrol, vertical replenishment and troop transport operations.

Image: The French Army’s first NH90 TTH Caiman during its flight. Photo courtesy of: NHI Industries.