Selex is seeking a Polish company to partner with for series production and delivery of electro-optic (EO) systems for Huta Stalowa Wola / WB Electronics’ ZSSW-30 remote weapon turret.

WB Electronics previously awarded a contract to the company to deliver commander and gunner sights for the ZSSW-30 qualification phase following an international competition.

The company has been chosen to supply a tailored version of its Lothar and Janus sights that are specifically suited to the Polish requirements.

Both sights are derived from those already used by the Italian Army and are capable of providing high performance, 24 / 7 awareness and targeting for vehicle crews.

Selex has been directed to base production of the add-on EO systems in Poland, which will enable the company to combine the benefits of transferring high-performance technology into the country, while ensuring that the end-user will receive an uninterrupted supply of commander and gunner sight systems.

"The company has started discussions with Polish partners to select an in-country partner for a long-term industrial collaboration."

The company has started discussions with Polish partners with an aim to select an in-country partner for a long-term industrial collaboration related to the manufacturing and the logistics of the systems.

In addition, Selex aims to put in place a local logistic chain that can offer the end-user maximum equipment availability at the lowest possible cost.

After completion of the programme, the company may also look to jointly market Polish-produced Janus and Lothar systems for export in future.

The turret is expected to be integrated into the Polish Armed Forces’ Rosomak armoured personnel carrier and the future Borsuk infantry fighting vehicle.

Image: The ZSSW-30 remote weapon turret will be equipped with Selex-built Lothar and Janus sights. Photo: courtesy of Selex ES SpA – A Finmeccanica Company.